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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Better late than never...

The kids made their daddy father's day gifts at MDO and I saved them until father's day....or several weeks after father's day...haha! Since we went out of town for that weekend..and I forgot to pack them with us, Trav just now got his homemade gifts from his little boy and girl. Better late than never..right! He got his real gift a few weeks before father's, we obviously never do things on time anyways..haha. 

Ty made a fishing kit that included a fishing worm lure, a sack of sunflower seeds and a mini beef jerky in case they get hungry..haha...oh, and a map that showed the good fishing spots. 
As I type Ty is currently fishing...haha..the little boy loves to fish! but, he packed a few extra things in his "boat"...he also through in his "cup, in case I get thirsty", "the ipad in case I want to play a game while I fish," and "snuggie, in case he goes to sleep" and "we might need a bobber." haha..he cracks us up! 

And of course, you have to have pictures and questionnaire's...I love his answers! couldn't have answered them better myself. He sure does love his daddy so much!

And from sweet hanna..she made/colored him a fish....she already knows how much he loves to fish! 

Ty and Hanna are so extremely blessed to have such a wonderful father who is very involved, plays and is goofy with them...I could go on and on..he is just great! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gender Reveal...

Today we had another sono at the junior college's sonography department. Didn't really know what to expect since our last sono wasn't too revealing. However, the lady who performed our sono was great and did a fantastic job. I really liked it because I was able to watch the sono from a big screen TV in front of me...that was awesome...way more high tech than our dr's office. haha. 
We had to bring Ty and Hanna with us and which made it challenging...especially for Trav as he is trying to watch the sono and deal with, mainly Hanna. haha. Ty was super sweet and patted my arm and held my hand during the sono...definitely made me tear up..he is such a sweet, sweet boy and I love him to death. I just love having a boy! Hanna is obviously too young to understand but did comment "baby" the whole time.  
We mainly went in for another sono to double check everything was good with our baby since our last visit at our dr. was pretty quiet. We were sooooo relieved to see our baby is HEALTHY and growing as it should.  Such a great sight...Everything looked great from extremities, spine, heart chambers, brain, feet, hands, organs, etc....just PERFECT! woohoo!  Hearing a healthy heart never gets old. :) The lady who performed our sono, Laurie, was amazing and definitely gave me the calming, positive feeling. 

Here's our little baby in 4D....both arms up....that big thing on the's my lovely placenta..and apparently baby likes to be cuddled up next to it....I'm sure after delivery cuddling and a pillow are going to be a necessity! 

Here's a little back view....hehe...what a cute little hiney and already proper with legs crossed!!!

and the cute little profile pic...already in love.

We finally got to do our reveal that has been sitting outside for awhile....and buy the proper color balloons to fill it...Ty and hanna were quite the opposite of cooperative. Actually, Ty was fine..hanna apparently isn't too excited and didn't want to have anything to do with the reveal pics....we finally bribed her with a sucker..and she at least stayed in the vicinity! haha.

So....we are excited to announce baby #3 is a....GIRL!!! yay. 
I am so glad Hanna will have a sister...there is nothing like them...and I know, without a doubt, Ty will be the BEST big brother to two little sisters....

We are still doing our other scheduled sono with our dr again in 5 hopefully the gender will stay the same..haha.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

And the Gender Is....

Well, we don't know...haha! 
Baby tricked us. 
It was hiding behind my placenta and face down so we just couldn't see much of our little baby.
but, let me tell you...that was probably THE.WORST. Dr. appt..EVER! 
I am always worrying about my babies in utero...I think it's just the unknown that scares me...I wish I had my own sonography machine! haha. I love the fact they move around to help comfort me and I bust my stethoscope out and listen to the heartbeat all the time...but, still...I always like to be reassured by the Dr. at our visits. 
Well, this Dr. visit was just odd/weird/unsettling..etc..just strange.
 first off, we waited for an hour before getting called back...and we never wait that long..usually about 10-20 minutes...and our appt was at 8:15 and the office opens at 8 so it's not that they were backed up...(we are guessing dr had to make some hospital rounds)..anyways, then we waited for another good 15-20 minutes once in the room..again, way longer than usual. 
Then our Dr. comes in when trav and I are in mid laughter....If you know my husband..even just a little know his anxiety/ADD gets the best of him especially in critical moments...well, the gender reveal of our baby marks one of those situations(he paced that room about 100 times before I challenged him to sit for just 10 sec...haha...he couldn', when you are sitting in an OB/GYN room for awhile you can imagine the comments I hear about all the "stuff" and pictures sitting around! haha...He typically has me rolling at our dr's appt'! I am chuckling right now thinking about it...haha.
Anyways...being our 3rd baby we have really got to know our dr and he even cracks jokes with us now(he has a very quiet and dry sense of most dr's." and even sits and just chats with us after our visits...we are like his local customer! haha. 
But, he came in pretty quiet this time and just got right to the sono. Once I laid down and he squirted the gel on my tummy (which was nice and warm...another improvement they have made since my last 2)..he placed the probe on my belly and he told us to give him a minute to get "his bearings." We sat in silence for..what felt like eternity but was probably a few minutes and finally my patience ran up and I asked if everything was ok. He responded yes. and just kept my head i was like....WHAT IS GOING ON....said a little prayer..kept watching the dr's face, and travis' to get some sort of glimpse what was going on bc I couldn't see the screen...Inside I was a nervous wreck.
Then I asked, "is there a heartbeat." and his lovely response was, "have you felt any movement?" my heart sank...and I said, "yes." and he said, "ok, good...sometimes you don't feel them until later."
Again, my heart sank...what was going on...
So, I asked again, if he saw a heartbeat...and he said yes! Then why did you ask me about the movement...oh man! After more silence I asked again, if he saw a heartbeat..and he actually, stopped, looked at me and said, "yes ma'am..I do." aahhh...ok, good! although I love and trust my Dr (hence why we have chosen him 3 times now)..I still like to see things for myself..and not hearing anything made me nervous!
So, I guess he FINALLY realized his silence was making me extremely nervous and said, the placenta was in the way and he was having a hard time seeing things...and it also makes the sound waves to the probe not able to produce the sound...
So, I asked if he saw and extremities, spine, heart chambers...anything...just let me know what's going then he started sharing what he was seeing...PHEW!!! I mean can't do that to any pregnant momma! OH MY GOODNESS!
He then turned the screen my way so I could see and showed me the arms, legs, hands, feet, skull, eye sockets, spine, bladder, bones, heartbeating and my lovely placenta our baby was laying on..and all the room it has to play but chooses to remain in the bottom of my belly...
this is what we saw...and why nothing was very clear....
First pic is of "its' head...and the second..the third, I am not sure what it is..made a leg and foot! ha.

So....we seriously (people think we are pulling their leg about the reveal) do not know what's growing...we have to come back in 5 weeks(I'll be 25 weeks)...July 26th for another sono! I just hope it goes by quickly. 
It's a good thing we already have stuff for each gender bc it would be tight if not..however, we know how quickly we can gather gender stuff up! :) 

We left our appt in a weird vibe...usually our dr. hands us our paper to give the receptionists indicating our next visit and then we follow him out the door...this time he just sat there apologized for not being able to tell us the gender. of course, we know it's not his fault and actually are glad he was the one doing it to help us see what we were able to view...b/c it was not easy..he did a great job...but, we could tell he felt bad. 
Finally, since everyone was just sitting there and we had been there almost 2 hours by this point I said, "well, we'll see yall back in 5 weeks." we said bye, and we walked out...he still just sat there...not his typical behavior at all! 
Although Travis was about to puke in excitement and bummed we didn't get to know...I was more weirded out about the visit and just hope everything is ok with our baby! 
Travis' analogy was being like getting all hyped up for a big fball game and then getting rained out...haha...
On a good note is we get another sono of our bambino! :)
So..we just wait...or we might go to the junior college's soon tech class here and try again..hehe! 
Just add our baby's health to your praryer list! :) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby #3...

With my other 2 pregnancies I have always documented their growth and such...well, I am just now getting to it on baby #3....hopefully the baby book will be opposite and full of "it's" information! ha! 
Right now I am 19 weeks 3 days and the baby is a size of a Mango ( 6.5 in. and 10oz) according to my What to Expect App. I am due November 11th but with my c-section the baby will come the week earlier...that date TBD! 

Here's my absolute LOVELY yes, little bambino numero tres is out to play! They say each pregnancy you have you experience things quicker/earlier....well, the baby bump is true in my case. I remember with both of my kids I didn't wear maternity until 6 months (maybe 5 with Hanna)...but, this one I have been wearing since the end of my first trimester...but, I love it...maternity clothes are comfy and when I've got two I'm chasing around..comfy over cute wins. However, I am super sad I can't partake in a lot of the summer fashion (like the cute printed shorts..etc) but i suppose it's worth it! haha. 
but, I have experienced other pregnancy symptoms earlier as well, such as, braxton hicks, fetal movement, light headedness, ligament pain, etc...but, it's all good! :)

This go round I was pretty sick until about 15-16 weeks or so...luckily travis helped a ton when he got home with the kids...if it wasn't for him I don't know if my kids would have survived. He also made several trips to Sonic for me...hehe! thanks babe! But, starting a few weeks ago I have not been sick once and I feel like a new person...yay! (knock on wood)
The only difference in this pregnancy than the other 2 is...I have somehow developed a lactose the week or two it took until i realized that's what it was hard! haha! I am hoping this is just pregnancy induced and not life-long...because although I am not a big dairy eater when I am pregnant I do like my cereal with milk...and cool whip, and yogurt and of course now that's it's cream! but, although I would give anything to eat any of those food's just not worth it...yes, I can have almond milk and lactose milk and I have even found lactose free yogurt but having experienced what I did..I have bad vibes and food aversions from any dairy! Oh, but the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC bummer about this issue is not being able to eat queso. I do not, at all, like cheese...but give me a bucket of queso and I'll devour it, it's super hard not getting queso at rosas...ugh! this is my main reason I hope this all goes away once this baby pops out! crossing my fingers! haha..
anyways, enough about that! (sorry, got on a rant)..

The exciting news is tomorrow we find out what this little mango is...we are soooo excited..and yet, a little nervous from our last situation. If you recall, Hanna was suppose to be a boy the whole pregnancy and out came a beautiful girl..we could not have been more elated..however, we are not sure we can handle two huge surprises...
So...instead of the sono tech doing our sono (she did it last time) our Dr. is doing the task! When we walked in for our very first appt he commented about that and although still wants us to not find out until delivery we think differently, so...he is going to do our sono but will tell us he is pressure doc! haha. 
Ty says he wants a little brother..Hanna obviously doesn't know what's going on..and we are a little nervous when the day comes she isn't the baby anymore..and her new baby doll doesn't leave!!! haha...Travis kinda wants a boy...and I just want a healthy baby!  But, i just want to know the gender so we can get up in the attic and have everything washed before baby comes home...that's my reason for finding out! :)  In case you are wondering...I think we have decided to keep hanna and Ty in their current rooms (which share a jack and jill bathroom) and put the new baby in the guest room since it's closer to our room and we aren't uprooting the others from the room they know...and when the kids get older the odd gender out will get the guest room.  So, our guest room will be the upstairs! :) 

So...with the gender reveal tomorrow I thought I would throw out a few symptoms/myths and let you few readers guess what we are having....

Myth 1:  Carrying High (girl) low (boy)
-you can judge from the above pic...but Trav says I am carrying HIGH. but I also have a long i think It's hard to tell..

Myth 2: Heartbeat over 140 (girl) under (boy)
- the last appt. we had the heartbeat was 147-150.  However, I remember Ty and Hanna's being around the ???

Myth 3: sick (girl) not so sick (boy)
Like mentioned above...I was SUPER sick...
But also hard to tell with my lactose issues.

Myth 4: craving citric/sweet (girl) meats (boy:
I have both..I enjoy sweet tarts, sour gummy worms, starbursts, lemonade, (which I never eat before pregnancy) but with all my other stomach was always empty and I wanted a hamburger or steak. for some reason in all my pregnancies I am not a fan of chicken...not sure why, bc I love it not pregnant. And of course I love my chocolate. :)

That's all the myths I can think of right now...I have done 2 different websites that think they can determine the gender..and one said boy and one said girl???? that was the same for hanna, this better not be another "Surprise." lol.

So far it seems the boy poll is higher than the girl..but our poll audience consist of maybe 5 people..hahaha...

Right now only God knows what's growing inside my belly...but we can't wait to find out tomorrow...all I pray for is a healthy baby! :) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend....

Thursday we loaded up and went to Houston to visit our family. We had nothing planned all weekend..just hanging out enjoying gamy and granddaddy's new backyard was just perfect. 
Friday Jenn, McCain and Sawyer got to come swim with us...we all had such a great time. Ty was a little shy on the slide..took awhile to warm up to it...McCain on the other hand loved it. Hanna of course had to go down but her mommy never let her by year hanna! haha. Thanks Jenn for  going down first with her! :) Mommy went down with her next and we didn't have quite the same landing as cousin Jenn...we both went under-water...haha! 

Cousin time in pool...

Sawyer, Addison and Ashley 

Gigi and Great-Granddaddy came to play as well...

Hanna and Saw man...

Saturday, we got to attend our friend, Jack's 5th birthday party..we were so excited to take advantage of being there the same time as his big party...Ty was so excited to see his friends "Jack and Wyatt" and to go to Chuck E Cheese..(btw...the Houston Chuck E Cheese is wwwwaayyyy better than the Midland..shocking I know)....Ty and Hanna had a great time playing games and Trav and I had a great time visiting with such wonderful family friends. Although Ty was very excited about going to chuck e cheese he made it very clear he didn't want to see him...he watched him like a hawk...haha.
Such a fun time...

A little basketball..

Jack and Ty playing ski ball..

of course we had to play the deer hunting game..

They both feel asleep on the way home...but after their was pool time again....

Hanna and her protectors....these guys are so great with her..and Ty!

Ty loved just sitting on the steps and squirting everyone.

ty and nimbus having a squirt gun war...Ty won! hehe.

Later on..after Jack's party and Wyatt's nap..other houston family came over to play...and what a great time we all had..

Little Levi and our baby #3 are due around the same day...the family best friends continues.

Finally..S'more time...the only thing to get Ty out of the pool.

Wyatt was the first to the slide...and the first to get his marshmallow roasting..haha..such cute kids.

Hanna before...all clean..if only i would have taken her picture afterwards..she looked like she had body paint on her face..haha.

My little and big father like son..

Sunday, since it was Father's Day...Trav got breakfast in bed...pancake with sausage crumbles mixed in..all in the shape of a "D"! and syrup on the top.."that's how my daddy likes it." said, Ty! haha. 

Later we went to Travis' old Elementary stoppin grounds to play on the playground...and guess what happened while we were there...these big, grey clouds started heading our way and since travis and I have seen them soooo many times but see them pass without any rain production we thought the same would happen this time...well, all of a sudden while pushing the kids on the swing we saw, with our own eyes, rain falling from the was incredible! haha. we just stood under a big tree for protection for a few minutes until it passed and just stared...we were in awe! haha. Ty asked to play in it...and of course we said, "YES!" take off! funny story...while they were playing in the rain it apparently gave hanna the urge to tee-tee...and all of a sudden she had an accident..and ty said, "hey, Hanna made it rain out of her panties." lol. 

Later that afternoon Granddaddy found one of Travis' old basketball jersey's (his first one) and Ty loved it...haha. but he "had to tuck it in." haha.

Perfect father's day...grilled out hamburgers, watching The Open on TV with his little boy (hanna was already napping)....

It's tough being a dad...but these 2 do it great! haha. again, like father like son! hehe

Wakey wakey time..back in the pool goes our little water bugs..

We had such a wonderful time and headed home monday morning...this little one didn't even make it 5 miles before falling asleep...she actually took 2  (little) naps...but, let me just tell you..she is NOT.A.FAN.AT.ALL.OF.HER.CARSEAT!!!! but she looks sweet here! haha

ty read his new book from Gamy a few times..but those movie screens are just awesome! 

We finally gave in and let hanna get out...bless her heart!

Thanks to Jack's party favors it helped entertain them for awhile...

You never know what Ty will find at Gamy and granddaddy's...he just loves playing with his daddy's old ninja turtle collection, army men and micro car toys...but, gamy also let him take home some of his daddy's trophy's (thanks amy..haha) ty got to pick out 2...a baseball and "fishy" trophy! he is so proud!

 But, before we left on monday mrs. morgan came by early to a) see the kiddos and b) to show ty and hanna her seashell collection she gathered over the weekend on her fishing trip....ty loved them and enjoyed listening to the ocean in the conch show and tell! :)

 We are so blessed with such an awesome family on both sides...and so many wonderful family friends that are like family!!! Always so great seeing everyone..and it always just warms your heart to know your kids are loved by sooo many! :)