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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sophi's 2nd Birthday...

This past saturday we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday. You haven't met the world's most stubborn, independent yet super sweet child until you have met miss thang, Sophia! She's a wild one..but a hilarious one and actually has great manners. her new word is "no way" and says it all.the.time...(i.e. "sophi would you like a hot dog?" her response..."no way." haha! She is giving Ty a run for his money for best talker and she just chats away..she talks extremely well with a great vocabulary for her age and she lets the world know..and usually in a loud tone but, she cracks me up and I could seriously watch her all day and she would easily entertain me. 

here's some pics of our birthday girl! Keep in mind the "stubborn" she is NOT camera friendly and by far the hardest kid to photograph! 

Hanna wanted to get in the pictures so when sophi went away hanna took advantage..haha.

Daddy kisses..

fish face.

and she is the one that typically tackles her 45 lb... almost 5 ft. tall 4 year old brother...did I mention she was rough and tough!

engagement pictures after 6 years of marriage and 2 kids later..haha

brady bear

princess sophia
Hanna wore the tiara as a necklace...such a fashionista.

busted out my cake decorating skills..or lack there of! ha.

Sophi  telling everyone to pay attention and that she is ready for cake. haha..seriously! 

I wonder what was going through her mind when she thought the whole ice cream cake was hers...

and she was upset when her mommy cut her cake and only gave her a slice..not the whole

put recovered nicely.

really wasn't interested at all in her gifts...just wanted her cake.

Happy Birthday Sophia Grace! 

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