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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Potty Trained???

Guess who is didn't have an accident all day at school????
This happy girl..

I am so proud of my little girl. I know so many people thought I was crazy for trying to potty train Hanna at 18M but she has shown interest for a few months now (but, I figured she wasn't mentally ready then...and waited until 18M to get serious)...and I have had a couple of friends who potty trained their girls at 18M with, I figured, why not? If she doesn't respond well, I can always stop the process and try again we all know..parenting is all about trial and error! haha.
I wanted her to be potty trained for several I thought we would try!

When I potty trained Ty a little before he was was a pretty easy process. He did great and pretty much did it himself....he took to it, I had to pull some memory files out when starting to potty train Hanna. The thing I learned with Ty is pull-ups didn't work. They never gave him the sensation of undies and didn't distinguish between undies and, once I cued in on made all the difference in the world...that's when it all clicked with Ty. 
So, with Hanna..I never even bought a package of pull-ups..or training pants...we went cold turkey, in her big girl panties..ha!  Now, going straight panties had it's many headaches as it creates lots of messes and accidents. And, after the first 2 days I thought I was going to stop and try again in a couple of months..but on the 3rd day it really started clicking and she did awesome. I guess on the 2nd day was a MDO day and I thought my timing was poor(they say to devote at least 3-5 days of being home with starting to potty train...well, we never will have, i just started)..we stayed home all day monday but tuesday she would be at school and highly distracted...but i sent her to school in panties (with a diaper over) just to see how she did. She had an accident but I wasn't too concerned bc I figured she would. Wednesday we had a few errands to run and she stayed dry during those times..but had a couple of accidents at home. Another thing I did with Ty..and do with when going in public outings and I don't want to mess with a possible accident, I put a diaper on over the undies/panties to let them have the correct sensation but gives them (and me) the protection incase of a sprung leak. :)
Thursday was back to school and she didn't have an accident. :) so proud. 
Friday, umm..not sure what we did..but that night we had a birthday i did my panty/diaper trick so I wouldn't have to mess with it..she never told me she had to go "tee-tee" and I didn't bother with trying to take her...and when we got home she was dry. 
 Saturday we took a road trip to lubbock with my mom for some shopping. On the way there ty said he had to go "tee-tee" so we pulled over and of course, Hanna says the same thing. I just figured she wanted a chance to get out of her carseat..but nevertheless, I wanted to give her the opportunity..and like a big girl..she squatted and went tee-tee! lol. I couldn't have been more proud..she is definitely my child! haha. She actually went all day without an accident...we were shocked and proud. she did great...luckily all the stores we were in had bathrooms but the mall we had a trek and she held it..but that was a close one! I did my worst nightmare and put hanna on a public potty all day..ugh, those gross me out..luckily with Ty I always just held him up to tee-tee until he was able to reach standing by himself..but with hanna she has to sit until she is tall enough to squat..and that could be a very, very long while! haha! 
However, monday was a rough day though bc I think she was a little constipated and was having issues straining without tee-tee coming out.  but, once that poo-poo came out she was back on track again. 
Today, tuesday, she was accident free again at school....she did tee-tee on the concrete outside blowing bubbles but at least it was outside. 
I still can't say that I am 100% confident in letting her wonder and play without thinking, "has she had an accident?" or when she sits in my she going to tell me,"tee-tee" in time? or whenever she says a word that begins with a "T", I don't question her if she has to go tee-tee. OF course, she is still in a diaper during nap and bedtime but she is typically dry..but, I am not ready for that move yet! ha!

Meet Mr. "Froggy potty." He has been with us since Ty was potty training and continues with hanna..he's our nomadic potty...usually lives in our kitchen since it's centrally located..but can go you can goes outside! :) With ty, I would say just go in the grass....but doesn't work as well with girls...haha..although hanna tries to tee-tee like ty, it just doesn't work for but, it's really funny watching her try!
She gets a treat (m &M or raisinette) every time she tee-tees and 2 treats if she poo-poos..and naturally, she bee lines it for her treats when she does her duty..(like her momma she loves chocolate)...and Ty is right there encouraging her and typically handing her the treat(s)...and of course, Ty has to get one too! ha..
We also have the toilet converter for little kids..ty didn't care for that..but Hanna likes that's busted out again as well. A difference in potty training a boy vs you have to wipe..haha...with boys you dap and the flushable wipes go way quicker with Hanna than with Ty...but with girls, since the aim is already down there aren't any missing the toilet problems. :) yay! haha.
There are some blogs I read that said they kept their child on the potty in the bathroom for up to 45 minutes...I think that is crazy..who really has time for that? not this mom...i would put hanna on the potty every 15-30 minutes if she didn't tell me. There were lots of false alarms..but you never want to take a chance...but when Hanna really needs to go she goes if she doesn't go after about a minute or so..i know we will try again in a bit...however, I know when she has to poo-poo when she goes to the potty several times and nothing comes out...that's usually her cue and she impatient and doesn't want to sit there and let "it" come out..haha! but, eventually she does! :)
Every child is different and learns differently..even with your own kids...but eventually everyone learns..again, trial and error! :)
We have  a lot of trips coming up and they have travel potties..but, mr froggy potty will be our travel potty....they also have "piddle paddles" a pad that goes on the carseat that holds liquid/urine in case of an accident...we might be getting one of those bad guys..or a diaper could do? idk! It's just not as easy pulling over for girls as it is for boys...we all know that! haha.
When potty training... clorox wipes, a swifter and even a steam mop are great items to have...and probably a bottle of wine for mom. :) my floors have probably never been cleaner..and I wish our cleaning lady could come everyday! hehe!
 Potty training is exhausting but worth it in the end...hopefully soon I can be 100% confident in her potty skills...regardless, I am very proud of my little girl! :)

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