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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day...

but of all my many, many blessings...being a mom is the greatest..

I absolutely love my children and Thank God everyday for them. 

I also have the best mom..who has taught and instilled so many qualities in being how to be a mom myself. She continues to be my mom and best friend but added a great mom-mom to her plate. Mine and my sisters kids are so lucky to have her as their mom-mom. 

Growing up we always appreciated our mom...or at least I thought...when mother's day came around my sister and I always gave her a gift (with help from my dad :) ) and went about our day...
It wasn't until I became a mom myself that I actually fully understood the meaning behind mother's day and truly appreciated my mom for all that she has done for me.  There isn't enough words or descriptions of appreciation to explain my thankfulness to my mom..and I hope one day my kids feel the same way! 

Although for the past 3 years mother's day has been a joyous occasion for me and my family...I know there are so many out there that do not get to share in that same experience..and that breaks my heart. I wish and pray that every single woman out there that is fully capable of taking care of a child (b/c let's get's not a job for everyone and there are tons out there that are not deserving...sorry.)..would have the honor of being a mom. For those people, my heart breaks. I know with technology there are various methods to conceive but it's never fun to go those routes. 
On the other side, I believe Adoption is a great choice...but again, it's not the same. I get that..and I admire those who are adoptive parents but mourn for them bc the tradition way did not happen for them. 
Why God has allowed me and Travis to bear 2 wonderfully, healthy children and why it takes longer and a harder process for others is beyond me..I wish I knew and I wish I could say the magic words and make those pregnant...but I can't...but I can pray..and I do.! 

Anyways, sorry, got on my soap just hurts my heart!

Luckily, I have had the privilege of raising 2 beautiful, loving, funny, adventurous, laughable children...whom I am blessed to hear, "mommy" come out of their mouths and the fact they fight over who I am going to hold first or who can sit in my lap...neither are great sharers of "my mommy." although I don't like when they warms my heart they both love me! :) hehe.

Sunday after church we did our traditional take pictures with's the one day I can pull the mommy card out for my 2 little kids and my one big kid! :) haha.

My gift from my kiddos..absolutely perfect. Thanks, Trav! 
Hanna and I enjoying the beautiful day....and Trav watching the golf tournament..haha.
Afterwards we ate our Rosas's and enjoyed being was a wonderful, relaxing day..and I am just beyond blessed! :)

Love these 2 more than words..

and I love him..JTR..for helping make me a mommy...haha.

Love, love my family..and the tripod to make these moments

Happy mothers day! Make sure you make time for your kids..because their time is precious..and they grow so fast! TEAR!!!! L(

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