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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monkey See...Monkey Do...

On Thursday when we went to Abilene we took an impromptu trip to the zoo...and it was the best trip we have ever had there...we got there at 3:30 (closes at 5), it was overcast, and it was a thursday (AISD was still in school) we were basically the only ones there, which meant no line at the train...and to top it off we saw ALL the animals...that was a first. Everyone loved it...especially Hanna.
Saturday after the birthday party we all (except my sister and brother in law) loaded up and went to the lake (just an hour from abilene) for memorial weekend. Lake Ivie, like most Texas lakes, is extremely low..but thats where my parents have had a house for 20 years, my dad knows the lake like the back of his he'll never leave. Even though we aren't able to "play" (ski, tube, etc) on the's still just a nice, relaxing atmosphere. 
Oh, but the fun part...let me rewind...friday night at my sisters, while Hanna was asleep..she threw up...her big, sweet, protective brother ran into the den to tell us and after we had her all cleaned up and bed linens changed..he kept asking her if she was ok. Such a sweet little boy! 
Saturday, while the girls ran to the big town of Ballinger to get the kids more toys (mom-mom thought they needed more riding toys...Can you say SPOILED..but we are very thankful for mom-mom) the boys went fishing for crappie and had a blast! Ty and Brady each caught one and were so excited about it.
 Sunday night, right before bedtime..Ty could not stop throwing up. he was so sick..bless his heart. The worse thing about the stomach bug when your kids have, there is nothing you can do! it's never fun seeing your babies that sick. 
Later on in the middle of the night...Sophi got sick! UGH! 
Naturally, monday morning my dad and I didn't feel 100%. After talking to my sister on the phone I learned she and daniel also were having stomach issues...they thought it might have been their dinner...but after hearing about the kids..we figured they too got the bug. 
So monday after lunch we high-tailed it home..bc the last place you want to be when having the stomach bug is in the car driving. 
Monday night...of course, it was my turn. BLAH! the worse thing about a mommy being you still have to be a mommy...and i had all 4 kiddos. Luckily, they played nicely and trav helped out with breakfast. Around noon my mom came over to help bc we actually had plans to roadtrip it to lubbock to pick up hanna's big girl furniture...yes, after 6 months of searching, I finally found it! After realizing there was no way I could make it my mom said she would go and take all 4 kids...I didn't like that idea..and after awhile thought I could suck it up and get in the car...well, I made it out of the neighborhood. ha! Luckily, everyone involved in the furniture process was very understanding so we made different arrangements! thank goodness. So, back to bed I went and all the kids went to my parents. 
Today, Wednesday, I feel much better...however, my mom is now sick! guess it doesn't matter how old your kids are...moms always get the kids sickness! and B and S are with her..also not feeling hot! So, our fam is falling apart! least we know we like to share what we have! haha. 
We were planning on leaving for houston today but our plans have changed and we aren't leaving until friday now...but, we get to see some of the houston fam anyways...bc they are here in midland..yay!

Enough of the yucky is a picture book of our weekend....

one little shoes, no problems..

two little monkeys...

2 more little monkeys...

I fear the day she actually starts to out! haha


 Sophi got an applejuice for going tee-tee in the potty.

Grandpa and Brady with his fish.

This is what happens when you give a 3 and 4 yr old your phone while driving...there was probably 50 pictures taken in just a few minutes...not sure where they get it from..hehe.

Ty's BIG fish...he was soooo excited.

All aboard the Safari Express....

sophi is a little scared of confined places..this was the first time she has decided to ride the train..and i didn't think she would go..but she hung tough!

Hanna thought it was her beauty parade float..waving to everyone..and animals. haha.

Mr. alligator who is 15 years old.

Travis made me take a ton of pictures of these ducks..and once we saw it was banded..trav wanted to put it in my purse and take it home for wall decor. Apparently thats a big deal in the duck world. 

Hanna was a little caught off guard by the giraffe..haha.

Our four little monkeys..

best buds...

the most disgusting thing ever....these carp litterally come out of the water when they are being's g.r.o.s.s.! this was a very mild pic of's way worse.

Trav is such a great uncle and husband! loves B and S like they are his own...but, always reminds me...we are done after this 3rd child. haha.

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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  1. hahahaha, that's hilarious! Not the sick part :( But when your hubby reminds you this is the last child haha! Sorry your whole family was/is sick...never fun :(