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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Deals...

Who doesn't love a good deal???

Thanks to pinterest I have found some really cool sites that sell everything from baby stuff to women's clothing, home decor, men things..etc etc... so I thought I would share in case you want to join them as is right around the corner...yes, I have already started my shopping list. Ha!

Some you are probably subscribed to and some you might not be..but, I feel they are all worth at least trying out...but beware..they can become addicting...

My fav sites in no particular order..but just as they come to my crazy mind..(ha) (everything from babies to women's, jewelry to gifts).

-zulily (I'm sure you all know this one). (women's clothing, jewelry, babies, etc)

( you subscribe through Facebook but you can get free samples of products from hair products to cleaning, etc)...I just think it's just fun getting free stuff in the mail. haha. 

speaking of free stuff..if you got to and find the "more"tab on the very right..and when the list pops up find the "sample spot" at the bottom of the can get free samples from there too...again, just fun getting free stuff in the mail. haha.

(site that has deals on kid toys)..I haven't bought anything from here and some are hit or miss but some are great if they fit your kids. 

(really cool/nice home decor) again, I haven't bought anything from here yet but one day I'm going to get brave enough and buy some furniture! it also just gives inspiration! :)

and going with the home decor.. one kings
has a lot of beautiful items for your home.

Anyways, that's all I can think of right now...hope some are new to you and you enjoy them like I do..just don't tell your husbands I told you! :)

and, if you have any cool sites you follow..let me know..I'd love to check them out! :)

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