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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another, "mommy and Ty" day...

Before our mommy and Ty day...Rewind to the weekend...Since Granddaddy was going to be home alone that weekend (Gamy and Aunt Ashley went to a bachlorette party in Austin) He decided to come visit us  Ty and Hanna in Midland! :) 
We had a great and relaxing weekend..nothing on the menu just enjoying life and company. This was Granddaddy's first visit all by himself and he thoroughly enjoyed it! He knows that Ty absolutely loves golf so we took Ty to the cool putt-putt place, Green Acres, (since our usual spot got torn down)...and Ty loved it...and so did Granddaddy...since it's the cool, old-school putt-putt course, It brought back high school and college memories for him as well! Of course, Ty beat us all...but actually, he did extremely well. I really hope Ty's knack of golf continues....a no contact sport is A-ok with me! :)
And naturally, whatever Ty does, hanna has to do...she she also got into the game..but really just enjoyed running and climbing on all the obstacles. luckily, it wasn't crowded at all and she got free reign on her climbing! It was a perfect outing. started nearing her dinner time..5:00.. and started getting a little, we called in Wall Street..mmm..mmm and picked it up on the way home...we all ate, kids bathed, chatted for a bit and then hit the hay because Sunday was my birthday, and my one birthday request was to not be late for church. I do not like being late anywhere and for once I wanted to be on time for church...we go to early service starts at 8:15 and although me and the kids are up in plenty of's my big kid who sometimes struggles...BUT...he MADE SURE..everyone was up and at 'em..even helped get kids ready and sure enough we were out the door and on time for church..yay! Happy birthday to me..Thanks babe!  Trae flew out later that afternoon and Travis and I decided to try eating out for my birthday...we tried 3 different of our favorite mexican food restaurants to learn they are all Rosas' it was...haha! but, hey, you can never go wrong there! :)

Granddaddy and Daddy's little sweetheart.

Golfer Ty.

Like mentioned above...hanna liked her track and climbing gym...she had a ball just running around...we might have a track star on our hands????

Ty loves wearing hats..and has a good collection already...this is his "golfing hat" so he made sure to put it on before leaving. haha.

Sunday before Granddaddy left.

On Tuesday we had another Mommy and Ty day. Ty loves those days and so do I...and since our last one got interrupted with a sick hanna...we had a, ty had to get a tooth fixed. :) 
Nevertheless, we took advantage of our day because I know soon those will not happen on the weekdays as our little boy will be in school..everyday..all-day! tearing up now...I am soooooo not ready for that! 
So, we took Hanna to school and had our fun day.

Little miss priss!

The first item on Ty's list was to go to "target to get michaelangelo" the orange ninja turtle...He is really big into them right now and needed the orange one to complete his set. Last time at Target they only had one there...luckily, it was one he needed but wasn't the size of his, going there on tuesday I was just hoping they would have the one he wanted...and guess what...they literally had one on the shelf and guess which one it was...yup, was meant to be..Ty was super excited. and his defense mechanism is to shoot pizzas..and ty thinks thats soooo cool...but, " a little tricky."
We were actually going to paint at The Pottery before our Target venture..but, they weren't open yet...and didn't open for a few more, target it was...and then we had an 1 1/2 to kill before his appt so we went to the park...and we laughed, played, swung, played ninja turtles, raced...I mean, we had so much fun...and he had my undivided attention! 

He's getting really good at the monkey bars..

Playing with Michaelangelo..the things I am learning having a boy...IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

Then his little pizzas became gold dab looms (from Jake and the neverland pirates) and we went digging for them.

Although Mommy did all the apparatuses of the playset..I was too big for the we played try and get my hand when it goes in the hole...we laughed so's the simple things! 

It was then time to go..Ty did great at the dentist and we were planning on going to chick-fil-a again but it was CLOSED for remodel....ugh, story of our lives lately! Midland is getting too big! (sorry, side note) we settled for sonic! Although we had such a fun day...after Ty's nap he was ready to "go get Hanna." He's such a loving and protective big brother! 
I love my little boy to pieces and I think it's very important to have a one on one day/date with your kids!  I cherish every moment! 

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