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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

18 Months...

Hanna turned 18 months on 4-29...and let me tell you..she is full of 18M attitude..haha.
You haven't lived until you have a 3 year old and an's a WHOLE.LOT.OF. FUN. DRAMA! lol.
Actually, I love my kids and wouldn't change a thing. 

Hanna is really starting to come out of her shell..and chitter-chatters all day. Definitely saying a lot more words..but she'll get on tangents and i guess talk in tongue or japanese..either way, we can't understand her. lol

She had her check-up today and our little petite miss thang had a growth spurt...
weighed: 24 lbs. 4 oz= 51%...she finally crossed the 50th
height: 32 in. = 60%...WOW! that's like off the charts in her books..haha!
We were high-fiven and even ty was telling her "good job, Hanna" hahahaha.

Like I said, she is saying a various array of words..but her favorites of course are...."no," "sta" (stop), "lets go", "mon" (come on), "mo" (more), "aw-go" (all gone) and "oh no." oh, and as I type..I forget the word, "uh" (up)..thanks for reminding me, Hanna! :)

She can point to body parts if asked but prefers to point to which, you kinda want to run bc her points can become lethal. haha

She loves to take an object she knows better than to have and sprint off..laughing the whole way..although it can be frustrating at times, Travis is glad she's a runner..he's thinking it'll help keep the boys away.

Still takes her 1 hour nap a her toddler bed.
Says her "amen" prayer everytime she eats.
is getting another tooth in..just 3 more to go! 

Is still our little climber..I'll turn my head for a brief second and she'll be somewhere i would have never imagined.

Still is a picky eater but has definitely improved..i guess, hence the growth spurt. ha.
 Still no meat, but will eat a chicken nugget now!

Loves her jewelery, bows and purses.

Will not let me read her a bedtime story..she HAS TO do it! and her door to her room has to be shut..there are times I think she is escaping from her room while I sit trying to read her a book, but she just goes to fully shut the door. lol. and comes back to the book.

Likes to be carried 24/7 and if ty wants a hug or to be carried she'll try to beat him to it...she doesn't share her "momma" very well..

All in all, she is a sweet little girl who knows what she wants...sounds to me she is a perfectly normal little girl...that I love very much!

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