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Friday, April 19, 2013

"Teeth Doctor" and Green Thumb...

Thursday, Ty had a BIG BOY dentist appointment. It was intended to turn into a Mommy-Ty day since Hanna was to be in school...but, she, like many others in school, got the dreaded Hand, Foot and Mouth, she had to stay home. Luckily, Mom-Mom helped out and watched Hanna while Ty and I went to the dentist and then had a lunch date.  
Ty did AWESOME...he sat and did exactly what he was told during the x-rays and teeth cleaning. He even got an extra sticker for being "the best 3 year old patient." haha! He was told he was doing an excellent job brushing his teeth and was cavity free. :) 
Although he got a few stickers and a token to put in the toy machine..he was most excited about his new toothbrush and toothbrush cover! lol. He loves those two things. There is a reason he got a compliment on his brushing...he does it every night for about 10 minutes...haha. 
We did get to run to Target beforehand and get him a new Ninja Turtle, Rafael, so he was sooo excited. He has gotten really big into them and calls it "Turtle Power" and we "Cow-a-bunga" all day! I am not one that is big into character shirts...but when I saw a ninja turtle shirt on Zulily I just had to order it and when Ty finally got it in the mail he IMMEDIATELY had to put it on! 
Ty loves his Ninja Turtles so much that there are times his beloved and best friend, Snuggie, gets left behind! and that is a BIG STATEMENT! 
I Love having little boys...they are so much fun! :) 

Ty wanted to go to a "restaurant with french-fries" and wanted to "go -inside, not drive-thru!" So, chick-fil-a it was! :)

Last weekend we planted our flowers and when we went to the store to purchase them Ty picked out his "own" flower and was so excited to plant it! He did it "all by myself"...digging the hole, planting and watering! He is so proud of his little flower! It will definitely get the most TLC in the flowerbeds. :)

He actually has his own watering can, Diego, but Hanna's princess can was that once it was ok to have pink..otherwise,  "pink is for girls." haha..

Hanna seems to be doing much better...her rashes are starting to really clear up. Although there is nothing you can do for them I have been applying hydrocortisone and neosporin to them..and i think that seems to be least in the appearance department. :)

This weekend Brady and Sophi are back in town so we are just playing!! :) 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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