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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Reunion..

   Every year on Easter weekend my Dad's side of the family gets together for a BIG family reunion in East Texas. Obviously, it gets bigger each year because apparently our family is fertile....but, it makes for a great time and a good matching/guessing game of who belongs to whom..since we all only see each other once every year everyone changes in that year..especially the little ones. My Meme is one of 10...and they all have 2-4 kids...and same for the next 2-3 I's a BIG family. 
Sorry for the picture overload...but, i love pictures! hehe.
Bubbles are always a hit.

Hunting eggs..

Go parents always put money in their mom had told brady to pick up all the "blue eggs bc they had money." so, brady had a hard time wanting to pick up any other color...but, finally managed! haha.

ty had it down this year.. he had a basket full..
Hanna just wanted the candy inside.

Sophi and daniel

time to count eggs and money...awards are given..

Combined they got about $14...not bad! :)

Brady did really well also.

aunt casey and the boys.

Lankford Fam..
My meme and her (living) siblings...and apparently not only are all but 1 cancer survivors..they can't keep their eyes open for a pic either..haha...but, all looking great!

We have always done an easter egg hunt at meme's before heading to the farm..but, this year it got postponed until that evening bc a huge storm came through the night before and everything was super, their baskets were too full to find more so they used sacks...hey, whatever works.

Seeing what's inside the eggs....

Easter is such a fun time... especially when you have kids that understand..or at least have a concept of the reason!! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well. From the looks of Facebook pics everyone seemed to! :)

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