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Monday, April 8, 2013


I have been so proud of my little girl little girl, who screams and cries when I put her hair in a side ponytail...and then pulls her ponytail holder and bow out later...has actually, been asking for her "bow" lately. Every morning when I get her dressed, before I fix her hair she'll go to her bows and point and say, "bow, bow." happy...haha. and she even leaves them in all day! so proud! lol.

And the other day, she took a spill and it kinda messed her hair up and instead of crying about the fall she reached her hand up to her hair and said, "bow." ahhh.....such a proud mommy...that's right baby girl, dust yourself off, fix your bow, grab your purse...and continue
Had to document this..because this too could just be a phase! ha. 

Although, Travis wanted to pretend Ty never said know you have been going to a lot of weddings when... Ty picks up one of Hanna's purses, filled with jewelry and says, "bye, gotta go to a wedding." hahahahaha. 

We've had brady and sophi all it's been fun! :)

For a good laugh...this is how Hanna blows bubbles! lol.

And this past weekend..Trav and ty went to the Red Raider fball scrimmage here...Ty saw the "fball players, band and horse, but I didn't want to see Red Raider." haha. Gets him every year.

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