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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Book...

This is for those out there that has contemplated making their blogs into a book...
I have been meaning to do it for a few years now...but have never done was one of those, I'll do it later"
And, I was wanting to make annual photo books of our family's year..but, I honestly did not know where to start bc of all the pictures I take..

after 5 years of blogging and running out of space..I decided the time had come to bear down and do it.'s my 4-1-1 on the books. 

I have a friend, Sara at that actually starting making blog books for friends and busy mommas....and she uses If you need her to make you one...give her a shout!

After several different attempts in trying to fit my 5 years and 1500 pictures (hence the reason I have run out of space) into the blog book..I was completely unsuccessful and had run out of patience...even if I chose for them to make never synced correctly...but, I could see it being great if I didn't have so many years and pictures time, I won't go so long without making a book. :)

So, I found (yes, where you can get backgrounds for blogs too) and I found them to be wwwaaaaayyy easier. Kept my blog posting and pictures together and allowed me to print all my blogs in one book..(yay) but, I actually made two...and kept all my pictures aligned with my posts...but the best part was...since I was running low on patience...I just chose the button for them to make it for me (which I typically would never do, but I wasn't that picky, I just wanted my blogs to be printed so we could have family memories).
After a little tweaking, It was ready to print and I got it in the mail just a couple days later. Super fast, and i felt the quality was great...even the pictures turned out clear!
It is nothing fancy, just a big ole book of my boring posts...but it's fun to look back at the past 5 years and will be for years and years to come! :)

So, anyways, if you are looking into making a blog book..those are 2 great sites that you might find handy.
In fact, right now is offering a 10% off blog books until hurry....

and at they are offering 20% off your first blog book...just use the code below.
Order your book in the next two weeks and we'll knock 20% off the price.* Just use the code BKSMTFUN at checkout and you'll have your book in your hands in about a week.
So, hop to it. That book is waiting to happen.*

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  1. yay! Thanks so much for sharing...good to know :)