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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travis' 30th Bday celebration...

Travis turned the big 3-0 on March 14th...but because of our CRAZY schedule we couldn't get away to celebrate until this past the end of April. 
Awhile back, when I was giving ideas on how to celebrate this momentous birthday, Travis shot all my ideas down..all he wanted was a nice, relaxing family, on his birthday that's what he did...little did he know months before I was in the works planning a ranch weekend get-a-way. :) hehe.
I figured he wouldn't turn this idea down...turkey hunting, fishing, and the ranch atmosphere...all of his favorites! :)
Luckily, I have an AWESOME dad who hooked me up!  Thanks to him we were able to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend at Clear Creek Ranch in Menard, TX. It was absolutely beautiful! In fact, this ranch was actually in the running for our wedding location. Gorgeous place and scenery with an Amazing house. Just perfect. The pictures do not do this place justice. I have heard my parents talking about this ranch for years now and now I know why it's my mom's favorite ranch to visit! :) 
Although it was intended to be a surprise, I had to spill the beans a little in advance..but, Travis was super excited and when he figured out it was at Clear Creek he got even more excited (he had been there once before with my dad for a hunt).
Although there are lots of pictures on this post..I didn't take near as many as I would have camera battery died right as we got there..I thought, no prob. I always carry my battery charger in my case...well, my new camera has a different battery size..and I had somehow had my old battery charger..I COULD HAVE CRIED! luckily, my sister brought she saved the day! and she hardly ever brings her camera..I was such a proud sister! :) 

 Grandpa and his girls.
Trey and Trav..two 30 year old kids..

Hanna checking out the turtle..we also spied lots of caterpillars...I don't know the last time I have seen a caterpillar! 

Brady telling the turtle to "come out of your shell, I just want to see you walk." Then Ty goes and gets one of his Ninja Turtles, "Bc, they are friends and then he'll come out." lol.. neither tactic worked.

Sophi girl..
Oh, Hanna!

Crystal and Hanna...Hanna was a little slow to warm up but once she figured out Crystal would hold her (her preferred position)....she and crystal were BFF's.

Our beautiful house for the weekend...sliding glass windows all around the house, with a wrap around porch to always have a view no matter where you are! IT WAS GORGEOUS..5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms...IT WAS AMAZING! 

 Kisses from Daddy.

Brady bear fishing

We brought Ty's jeep and the boys cruised around...

More of the amazing house.

mom-mom and her girls..minus me! hehe.


My little Stud Muffin.

Love this pic..

Lots of fishin going on! My family was raised fact, my sister and I probably fished in we were right out there with our fishin poles...we could fish all day..and did!

 My little  Big 4 year old nephew.

Side view of the house.

The old milk house
Another view of the house. Most ingenious thing I have seen..a door for the firewood so you don't have to take your logs in the smart! haha.

Sophi loves she is as gansta sophi.

Our view for the weekend.
Those are lilypads covering the kinda made fishing tricky..but not tricky enough for this gang. There were also beavers that lived there..and we saw them swimming one night..lots of beaver dams they made.

I asked Sophi if she went "poo-poo" and hanna checked for me and said, "yes." lol.

 After dinner friday night.

sister and kids fishing..Sophi loved to fish and was so excited when somebody caught one.

Ty being silly.

And he's off.

Just a fishing....from sun up to sun down...

Gamy and Hanna with her Cheese face.

Grandpa and his fishing buddy.

Lots of beautiful.

Travis' parents came down friday and had to leave saturday and one of Travis' best friends from Katy and his wife came down friday night and stayed the weekend. Travis and Trey were just like two kids in a candy heaven.  Friday morning, when we were loading up to leave, travis stopped me and asked me if he had everything he needed..and covering the whole driveway was all of his hunting garb...which took up all the truck space..when i told him, that looked great, but where is our luggage and food going to ride...his response was, "those are minor things." lol. BOYS!!
When we got there friday a little after lunch, it was just a breath of fresh air. We immediately went fishing and drove around in the mule. We actually, all got there around the same time so that was sister and her kids came as well..along with my parents.
Ty would fish all day..and did! He loves it and "doesn't need any help." Travis rode around with his dad for a long while scoping out protein feeders and where to sit for a turkey hunt that night. He was just enjoying life..but unfortunately, Travis and Trae saw every other animal but a turkey! bummer.
Saturday, everyone just woke up at their leisure..unfortunately the kids' leisure was early..but everyone just enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the wrap around porch while Travis and Trey had woken up earlier and went to find a turkey again....but, again no luck!  back to a full day of fishing, riding around on the mule, playing in the springs, watching wild life, and just enjoying the beautiful place! The best part of the weekend, was there was no did whatever and whenever you wanted...that was the beauty of it...and you could just sit on the porch and watch people fish..without a worry in the world. 
Saturday night, the boys did spot a turkey but it was behind two fences and with no good shot..but I feel this is the first time travis didn't care about not shooting anything...he just had a blast where he was! 
That is our weekend in a nutshell...enjoying God's beautiful scenery!