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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Monkey...

Here's my sweet little monkey girl...

From an early age my little girl has always been a climber...went  up the stairs (unannounced to me) at 7M..and it has just escalated from there...where there is a way to get higher..she will find it. Her newest accomplishment is climbing into our bar stools and kitchen table chairs (both of which are high)...scary as I know one of her cousins had a huge spill doing the same thing...granted he has about 20lbs and 2 years on her..haha..but just always have to keep your eye on her. She also has decided that she is too big for her little booster seat chair at the table and R-E-F-U-S-E-S to sit in, she sits like the rest of us..again, insert scared i don't want her to topple down. 
As I share these stores with the mother loves to laugh and point out that..."She is her mothers daughter." apparently I was a little monkey as well! :) 
Since hanna is at that lovely age of 16M she has been in time out often..somedays more than others..and some days not at all..but nevertheless..when I tell her to go to time out, she knows where to go! ha!

Here is my sweet little girl in timeout...
 Then the inevitable happened...See the lovely crib in the back in the pic below..and you might be wondering if she had a friend sleepover with the pack n play in her's what happened..

Last week, Travis was going to help ty do something after they were already put to bed (you never know with that kid) and on his way he poked his head into hanna's room since she was having a hard time going to sleep and just happened to see her holding on to the outside of the crib just about to bust on the floor.. saved by the daddy! Travis rushed in and grabbed her before she completely bit it. UUGGHHHH!!!! while she was soooo proud of herself..her mommy and daddy were a little shocked! it was already late since neither kid was wanting to accept the time change...soo..we skipped my dad's idea of nailing plywood to the top of the crib..thanks dad..and went with the pack n play for the night! SILLY girl...
and again, I heard from my mother, "you did the same thing at that age." but unlike my parents who just pushed a mattress next to the crib to give me a soft landing...I actually put her in a safe spot! lol. 
See...that was mine and my sisters crib when we were babies...and when we had the shock of our lives and our baby girl was born and had nothing parents got the crib out of the attic and I spray painted it white (it was oak colored)... so, like my mother keeps reminding me..."like mother, like daughter." and like I keep telling my mom..."then she is an angel." hehe.
So the next day my mom brought over their toddler bed they have for the grandkids( well, mainly just Hanna now since none of the GK, to buy time until I can figure out exactly what I want to do with her room...she is in the toddler bed for now..
I put her bumpers on bc..she is still my baby and I don't' want her to bonk her head...
The first night, naturally, she got out of bed, cried and banged on the door for a good while...probably 20 minutes before finally giving up and feel asleep at the door. Trav went in later and put her back in her bed..then at 3:30 she woke up and I heard her on her monitor but could tell her voice was becoming more faint and all of a sudden she was by my we "slept" 4 strong in our bed since of course, Ty had already come in...meaning..mommy didn't sleep at all.
Nap times are usually good..she stays in...
Bedtimes are getting better. She'll still get out initially, do the cry/bang on the door thing..but in about 5-10minutes goes and gets back in her bed and sleeps all night. 
Travis always tells Ty she is smarter than he bc she goes back to her bed...whereas Ty would always fall asleep by the door.
Our little girl is growing up. 
still not ready to put her in a higher for now the toddler bed works great! :)

And this is how Ty has been sleeping lately...after we put him to bed in his full size bed...he decides to make a "pallet" on the floor! 

It's been absolutely beautiful here we have been outside a lot...which is great! 
here's the "yogurt picnic"
yes, hanna uses utensils to eat...whatever big bro does..she has is ALWAYS a mess but whatever it takes to get her to eat! :)

Today is the first day back to MDO..and i must say, I feel like I need to go check on them bc it's quite...but then remind myself they aren't here...aahhh...peace! lol. but, 3 will be here before I know it and I'll have my entertainers back....wouldn't have it any other! :)

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