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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lazy day...

The month of february and march has been/and will be nothing but busy for us...birthday parties, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers..and on top of that life! So..yesterday was the first day in a long time we had nothing planned...which was good bc nobody slept well in our house the night before bc of the kids coughing. They were up all night..which made them SUPER CRANKY all, we skipped storytime at the library and just stayed inside and we were lazy. Whoever deemed Chicago the "windy city" has never been to west texas in the spring! UGH, it's terrible! with all the wind blowing everything around...allergies and sinus' act up!  boo!:( so...we had a very lazy day! 
Ty will watch tv but only a few shows before he gets bored with it..Hanna still has yet to learn to sit and watch tv...but, yesterday..ty actually laid on the couch and watched tv..poor guy was tired and not feeling well. Hanna's a different story..but these girls are something else! haha.
We were going to just go on a stroll outside that morning since the wind hadn't picked up yet...but..our stroller tires are out of wack (we went off roading last summer in our double bob and the tires have never been the same)..haha...and so we still tires from the single bob...and back and forth! ugh. So, since our single bob was ready to go..Ty thought he could "ride his bike and I could push hanna"...good idea, Ty...until we realized his bike was at my, there went that idea.  which, reminds me..i told ty i would get his bike while he was at school today. (insert mental note).
Anyways, I know there is soooo much junk going around so we stayed in and kept the germs to our house...and it was great!

Being lazy.

whatever ty does hanna.

While ty and I sit...Hanna runs.

until i bust out the cheese balls..

Hanna was the hardest eater ever....but all of a sudden she is the bottomless pit. She still won't eat meat..but she eats anything else you give her (for the most part).

When travis got home..we went for a little walk...Ty wanted to "run with daddy" so off he went. Love the west texas nights and sunsets...

we only have 1 birthday party this weekend and nothing else planned so I think it'll be a great weekend of just family time! :) 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

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