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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 30th, Trav!

Happy 30th birthday to a great guy, who just happens to be my best friend and husband...and a great one at that and an amazing father! 
Travis is so smart, funny, of course, handsome :), has the biggest heart, a friend to all, makes me to be a better person, has a great personality, loves the outdoors and is spot on with his bow and rifles, extremely entertaining..and the list could go on and on....
Today he turned the big down 25 lbs and 15" and ran 4 miles last night with the intent to run a half marathon soon! I am soooo proud of him. 
Although Travis is the socialite of the fam he wouldn't allow me to do anything for his birthday....all he wanted was a family dinner...
So, this morning we had whole wheat egg and turkey bacon biscuits and for dinner he wants salmon! :)
For lunch a few of his friends/co-workers took him to Furr's...see, he's getting old! (actually, we love furr'  So, I hope he enjoyed his lunch without his 2 kiddos making a complete mess.. :)

In honor of his birthday I thought I would share how our little Travis has grown up into such a wonderful man, son, husband, father and friend.

Happy birthday, Trav...we love you!  Here's to 30!  

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