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Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy birthday, Ty!

Happy birthday, Ty Baby... 
although now he won't let me call him that..."It's big boy, Ty, mommy."

He does "EVERYTHING "all by myself" and although sometimes it's never know what he is really doing! haha. 

We celebrated Ty's 3rd birthday this past weekend with a pirate theme...bc he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirate Disney Show...and he had the best time.

We spent all afternoon riding his new "jeep"...which is a good thing since today it is crazy windy and snowing! WHAT! 

Anyways, he had birthday pancakes with sprinkles and candles to blow out and just enjoying hanging out and taking turning 3 easy! :)


Of course you have to have a "funny face" pic.

riding off with the essentials..snuggie, "running shoes" and a cup! :)

3 going on 16!! Time please..  SLOW DOWN NOW!!

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  1. Bring the jeep over and they can race around together! So fun. I'm so jealous that Ty lets you take pictures of him!