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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Our life has been ultra busy and crazy! 
Today as my mind is racing a million much to little time, I thought about all the funny things Ty has said lately which make me laugh...which is what I need right now..afterall,  laughter is the best medicine! 
so, I Thought I'd share...

Ty talks from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes down...I mean, constantly. barely comes up for a breath! 
You might think, oh that is so cute..well, it is...but sometimes you just need silence...because not only does he rant on..but it's solid questions...and you have to answer or he'll just keep asking. it's a fun cycle. 
So....I taught him the quiet game that we play in the car sometimes. lol...if you could only be in the car with us while we "play."
This is a brief synopsis of how it goes: 
Me: "ty, lets play the quiet game."
Ty: "ok,, two three go."
me: silence
Ty: "Mommy, can you talk so I can win."
hahahahahahahaha.....oh, he cracks me up.
Ty is great at many things...but the quiet game, not so much

he doesn't talk near as much around others and so I asked him if he talks this much at school...b/c let's face it...his daddy had issues with this and I am really hoping ty takes after his mommy's good school habits..:)
Ty told me: "No, i don't."  Phew, sigh of relief...:) haha.

He is a ball of joy! :)

The other night, Ty came out of his bed and told travis and I, as we were watching tv quietly in the den, " Mommy-daddy, please go to's too noisy." (as his cd player is playing music in his room..haha) we laughed, sent him to back to bed and continued with our show...a little while later ty came back out and told us, "did you not hear me? I said go to bed."
 lol....hmm..wonder where  he has heard that before.! after that we decided to go to our room to watch tv so he'd hopefully go to sleep! 

We had a full weekend last week in houston with late bedtimes for all and me and the kids are still recovering....and today..when I went to drop them off at school, Hanna clung to me and wouldn't go to her teachers, play with her friends..nothing...and this has NEVER happened. she loves school and gets so excited when she sees everyone...but, not today..she even cried when her teacher pried her away from me...hurt my heart bc she has never, ever done that! :( but, I knew once I got out of sight she would do better....
So, I go to drop ty off at his class...Same thing...without the tears. clung to me..which he never does, and kept saying, "no mommy, I want to stay with you." again, hurt my heart and almost brought tears to my eyes." I don't think in the last 2 years he has ever done that!  Luckily, his best friend from school was there and he came to save the day!
What is it with my kids today? :( can't wait to go pick them up! They must know mommy is leaving for a bachlorette party this weekend and leaving them with daddy...for the first time ever! Could be!
I am having to find my party pants and dust them's been a long, long while! :) much needed girls time but I know i'll be missing my family like crazy! :)

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  1. whew...I am so glad my daughter is not the only one that does..not...stop...talking!!! haha