Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, February 28, 2013

pinterest experiment...

I love trying new things and thanks to pinterest it gave me another experiment to try. The first time my husband was ok with it..bc typically, pinterest projects include him..hehe..
anyways, when I saw that you could re-grow lettuce head by putting it into a cup with a little water.. I was intrigued. There are some things on pinterest I have tried that don't always work out the way they are explained...but this one was true. 

This is what the romaine lettuce looked like when I started...

After a week it looked like this...
                                                                                      And 3 weeks later it's this tall thing..

Although it did indeed don't want to count on it to eat anytime soon...and even at that I don't think we will eat it...i needs to plump up! that fine specimen isn't going to feel anybody's belly up. :) But, i do wonder if I give it a little haircut it would start growing fuller????

they also say it works for celery..I just haven't gone through a whole bundle yet to try it...
but, wanted to share in case y'all saw the same post and wondered if it really worked! "_ Now ya know!

And I leave you with this...
Ty often tee-tee's outside..pulls his drawers down and goes....Hanna has caught on to his method..but wonders why her plumbing doesn't! 

Although little missy has gone on the big potty a handful of times...and she is always so proud of herself...The things her big brother will teach her!! hahaha

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pirate P-arrr-ty...

Ty has gotten into Jake and the Neverland Pirates and all that goes along with Pirates...but also loves tons of stuff...but for his 3rd bday...we thought a pirate theme would be perfect for him.

I found all the pirate garb on amazon and all the kids seemed to really enjoy it..and i know all the moms appreciated me sending swords home with their are welcome! hehe.

I got all the pinterest for the gem of a find! :)

of course you have to have a bouncy house! :)

again..printables came from

food station..."Cannonballs, Shipwrecked salad", "pirates booty" and "pirate dogs."

Can't believe our little boy is 3!

So excited his bouncy house had a slide! Love seeing him so excited.

ironically..he didn't even eat the cupcake..haha.

Thanks to all our family and friends who came to celebrate our little boy!

The little pirates...

Ty is always so excited and so appreciative of all his gifts..he LOVED all of them.

We had a super full weekend but we were so glad everything worked it always does...and we were thankful that travis' grandparents were able to come see well as all the other family members.. it was a special treat! 
We were all exhausted come sunday night and monday ty took an almost 3 hour nap..and that never happens...poor guy was worn out! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy birthday, Ty!

Happy birthday, Ty Baby... 
although now he won't let me call him that..."It's big boy, Ty, mommy."

He does "EVERYTHING "all by myself" and although sometimes it's never know what he is really doing! haha. 

We celebrated Ty's 3rd birthday this past weekend with a pirate theme...bc he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirate Disney Show...and he had the best time.

We spent all afternoon riding his new "jeep"...which is a good thing since today it is crazy windy and snowing! WHAT! 

Anyways, he had birthday pancakes with sprinkles and candles to blow out and just enjoying hanging out and taking turning 3 easy! :)


Of course you have to have a "funny face" pic.

riding off with the essentials..snuggie, "running shoes" and a cup! :)

3 going on 16!! Time please..  SLOW DOWN NOW!!