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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Par-tay animals...

Brace yourself for this's a wild one..we were super crazy on new years eve...In fact, we almost made it til midnight! haha! 
Actually, we were super lame and stayed in...travis had to get up at 4 to go duck hunting so we crashed early. :) just another typical night at our house.
We did make it to new years East coast..I was able to watch the ball, in bed, and nudge trav.."happy new  years!" Ty was, however, wide awake to watch with me and kiss for new years...haha.
There wouldn't be any other big boy and little boy I would have rather been with..and of course, our sleeping beauty in her room! :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful and exciting NY and that 2013 brings everyone many, many more blessings! :)

milk and cookies on the couch to ring in the new year.

First day of 2013...we relaxed and played one last time with B &S before they left. Mom and I did venture out to the mall, thinking it would be safe taking all 4 kids there (my sister left back for abilene sunday)... not sure what we were thinking but when we cruised up to the mall and couldn't even find a parking spot..we should have surrendered then! but, we found one and ventured into the mall...just to the kids dillard's..and it was crazy after collecting our things we jetted! absolute mad house! this town just keeps getting bigger and bigger! :( 
I did however, go to HEB around 10 and it was pretty and out in like 20 min...that is AMAZING! had to grab our black eyed peas and cabbage! :) 
Trav did indeed leave at 4:30 to go duck hunting and they were successful! 6 ducks..and back by 12! What a great way to start the year in my hubby's mind...hunting! :)

My little boy wanted me to have hot chocolate with we had our little in home date! :) love him so much.

First family dinner of 2013! 

So far our year has started off absolutely wonderfully! just hope it continues for 364 more days! :) 

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  1. haha, sounds like our night though we did make it to about 12:10 and then I wondered why we even stayed up for it? haha