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Friday, January 4, 2013

My little Snow Angels...

We absolutely LOVE our neighborhood...perfect for our family and we have the BEST neighbors! Wine night last night and playdate this morning..seriously, it's so much fun! :) 
This playdate was extra fun because...IT SNOWED!! yay! Ty was super excited when he woke up and was told it snowed...very exciting no matter what your age is. 
Ty and Hanna both loved the snow and it's even better when you play in it with your friends...and have hot chocolate and make snow ice cream! Thanks Jenny! Hanna, I believe, enjoyed it the most! The girl LOVES her sweets! 
When we got home, Ty, apparently wasn't finished playing and asked to "get carrots" so we could build a this time our snow was almost all melted..but I helped him make a little snowman with the remaining snow we had! Love having my little boy! Boys are so much fun. 
So, the snowman had huge noses for their little bodies..but they were "beautiful." :)
Loved our neighbor time and loved my little family time enjoying the beautiful snow! However, Ty was sad when his snowman "were gone." 

 "H"'s daddy would have been so proud that she picked up a golf club out of all the toys!

 See the girl in the back...she made us other momma's sick...she looked fabulous at 9am. :)
Never too cold or wet for a game of golf.

BFF's...two blue-eyed HJ's.

Although Hanna loved the snow...her favorite was playing with the water dripping from the she was sopping wet! :) her outside time didn't last long! 

Love our neighbors..yummy snow ice cream.

"fat man in a little suit." looks like it's time for bigger coveralls! ")

Our moment of silence.

My little snow angel.

Ty's masterpiece...looks like that one lost an arm..

Had to build one for sister who was inside eating...i mean, playing with her food..aka..dropping it on the floor. 

And I leave you with favorite little chef's! :)

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