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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

mommy- son night...

Last night Travis went and watched the fball game with some guys and Hanna went to bed around that left just me and Ty for a bit! 
Ty and Travis typically have an after dinner snack of peanut butter and honey since Trav was gone I had to feel the void for my growing boy! I naturally, grabbed a plate but Ty quickly shot that down since, "Me and my daddy don't use a plate." haha..
So we sat on the couch and ate our crackers and since it was a little after 7 I clicked over to the Bachlor ..having thought it was being recorded...but, it wasn', I recorded it but something else was recording I had to watch it..commercials and! Ty usually plays, talks, dances and sings at night but tonight since we were sharing a snack on the couch he tuned in to my, since the hubs was gone..I got full control of the remote! :) 
So, Ty and I sat there eating our snack and watching the Bachelor together...side note...Ty is very observant...she notices things and picks up on things/details very quickly. So, while watching the show when the girls came on to give a quick bio and one girl from Houston introduced herself, Ty said, "Houston." That's where Gamy and Granddaddy live." and another girl came on,Ashley. Ty again said, "Ashley? Like my ashley? Hey, they are both ashleys." haha. He is such a sweet, sweet boy! 

When he finished his snack he cuddled up even closer and said, "Mommy, I love you." AHHH...I LOVE WHEN HE SAYS THAT out of the CLEAR BLUE! MELTS MY HEART! and I just can't kiss and hug him enough! LOVE, LOVE my little boy! and I love making him into a little gentlemen...never too early to start in my mind. He always opens the doors for me and hanna and then says, "I'm being a good gentleman." sweetest little boy! 

Then it was bed time...he got to stay up a little later since he was into the show with me..he hated when commercials broke in bc he wanted to know what was going to happen...(i.e..when Sean left Tierra there to give her a rose). Ty was cracking me up. 
I hated Trav wasn't there to sit and watch the Bachelor with that would have happened...but I am glad me and my precious little boy got some alone time together...they are the best!

lol...I mean,  he is just full of life and quite the just never know with him...makes us laugh constantly.

 couch date..
Before christmas my parents got the boys bikes to keep at their house...but, Ty asked mom mom and grandpa nicely and he got to bring it home for a little while bc his parents aren't as cool. Ty will tell you, "Safety first."

...and this is little miss when you tell her, "no."
she was doing every toddlers favorite trick of pouring her milk out and spreading it around...and we told her, "no" and this is the reaction we got. 
Then she will hold her arms up for you to hold her....I think she is going to be more difficult than ty on punishing! Hard to keep your stance on her sad little face. 

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