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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

life in the fast lane...

Busy life...but a great life!

Last week on thursday and friday I got to keep B &'s always a fun, fun time when the kids are around but it can get crazy! 
I always try and take them to do fun activities to keep everyone entertained...exhausting at times but fun for them! 
Travis left on thursday to go hunting with friends in south texas so we took him to the airport for his fun, guy weekend. 
And, my dad also went hunting last weekend as, thursday night me and the kids spent the night with my mom, sister and kids...for a girls night...but, since NONE of the kids wanted to sleep it wasn't much of a relaxing night! but, fun to wake up with everyone..and easier for my sister and I since she didn't have to bring the kids to my house or I didn't have to get to my parents house early in order to watch the kids.

Sophi feeding her "horse."
went to the odessa mall..or what they call a's not much of one..but it is a super kid friendly place...of course the boys had to ride the train! Sophi, thought she did but clearly she didn't like it after it began to move...haha.

Sophi's first time in the toddler bed at my parents...she did great at nap time but bed time was a little more difficult..but look how sweet she looks when she finally gave it up! aawwww..

Jumping place on friday with friends...

Saturday we ventured to the mall for shoes (with my mom and sister)..I am not that crazy! ...and I found this in my camera roll on my phone that Ty must have taken...
clearly, brady was real excited! hahaa.

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream...

Sunday night when it was time to get trav at the airport, Ty was so excited...but since neither kids really wanted to take a nap on our way at 6:00 they both feel asleep....which I had a feeling would happen and put them in their jammies before we left. Moms know best!!!haha.. 
Trav's plane was almost an hour late and they slept the whole time...and slept on the way home...Ty woke up a little when we were pulling in the alley to our house and ty said, "Mommy, we at the airport yet." haha...poor guy slept the whole time.

Tuesday, back to school!
 BTW..Hanna got moved up at school and has been loving her new every mom..I was shocked to hear she stayed on her nap mat..Good Girl Hanna! 
She loves her older classmates and I love it for her! My little girl is growing up! :( tear!

Yes, Snuggie goes to school, too! but, stays in his backpack until nap time...and when I go to pick him up, ty always says, "Hi mommy!  can I get snuggie." haha..
It's going to break our hearts when the day comes for Snuggie to go bye-bye!

On another note....I ATTEMPTED homemade tortillas...because there is nothing better than a good homemade tortillas...I love rosa's...HEB's are good...but if you live in midland and want a really good tortilla go to Supermercado...they are delicious..and so are all their other mexican food items! :)

Anyways, my tortillas looked nor tasted anything like 
I am going to keep trying...with a new recipe..and when I have more time...5:00 was not the best time to try! E for Effort but F for epic failure! lol.
If y'all try..I hope y'all have better luck than I did.
However, this morning we made Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites...and they were a hit! 
Ty, as always, helped me...and basically had the remaining cinnamon and sugar mixture as an appetizer! ha!
He still managed to get several baked bites down..and so did my little girl..and so did I.! I knew if food was covered in cinnamon and sugar she would love them...and who wouldn't!

The recipe called for AP flour but I used my whole wheat..and they turned out great and instead of using a round cake pan I used a baking sheet lined with parchment paper! Using parchment paper makes me feel like a legit! I need all the help I can get! 

 So...go try these! baked cinnamon breakfast bites

 Clearly, we loved them.

and sorry if you follow me on pinterest...sorry for all the food posts...I was organizing the recipes that we enjoy! 

Happy Hump Day!

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