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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daddy's little helper...

We were actually home for a weekend and it was FINALLY warm enough to put together Ty's trampoline he got for christmas! I am not sure who was more excited...Ty or Hanna!However, Ty's favorite part was helping daddy put it together..
Ty has jumped, jumped and jumped...but now he is sick and mean mommy won't let him go outside for the past 2 days...even though Ty will tell me, "I take my medicine and I will wear my jacket." The kid LOVES taking his medicine...but WILL NOT keep on a jacket. I look like the bad mom who doesn't put her kid in a jacket bc it's cold outside...bc my little boy is so hot natured and claims he is never cold. 
In fact, Ty stayed home today while sister went to MDO...bc she is a mess and needed to go run around. Speaking of running...Hanna runs everywhere...and her newest trick is..grabbing something she knows she doesn't need to have or a toy that Ty was playing with...and runs away with it! haha..and it usually ends up with Ty tackling her! lol! 
Although she is sweet, she is going to be our handful! haha

Hanna cooking up some burgers while the guys work..

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