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Sunday, January 27, 2013

30th birthday surprise...

Happy 30th Kasey.
Today, Sunday, January 27th..a little girl named, Kasey was born...and today she celebrated her 30th birthday! Kasey, from, knew my husband in college..(trav and I did not attend the same college..nor did we know each other then), I met Kasey through Travis! and Kasey is best friends with his cousin, Jenn and went to grad school with travis's boy cousin's wife, Jenn..Hope y'all are following the story..and no that is not a typo..there are 2 Jennifers! confusing at times, I Anyways, I say that bc, basically, Kasey is family. But...not family enough for Ty to date Hallie and for Hanna to be Hallie's best friend! :)
And we liked she and her husband Blake so much that we got married on his birthday...if only i had a video of his speech at our wedding giving my parents a big shout out for the best birthday party he's had! lol.  
We have thoroughly enjoyed being their neighbors and friends and so when her 30th was approaching I knew we had to do something! So...A week before her official bday (bc I knew she and her hubs were going on a weekend get-a-way on her "real" bday), a few of her girlfriends got together to surprise her! It was great! Awkward at first since I am not good at lying and wanted to laugh the whole time I was walking her through my house...and of course, ty was with me because he wanted to tell her "surprise"(so she thought Ty was in trouble..bc I wasn't talking and typically the kids are asleep when we start our wine nights) and he had been practicing singing, "happy birthday," on his karaoke machine! hahaha..he's already trying to get in good with Hallie's parents! 
but, finally i was able to spill the secret when the girls jumped out and yelled, "surprise" and she almost dropped her bottle of wine...since she thought she was just coming over for our normal neighbor wine night.!
It was a lot of fun chatting and drinking wine! perfect celebration! 

OF course, when I started planning this...where did I go for decor...pinterest! duh!
I found these great free printables that were perfect for the occasion..and I thought I would share...and give credit to the blogs where I found them.

So, if you are needing decor for a 30th bday..check them out...and don't be surprised if you see them again from me! haha!

got the cute cupcake toppers and bottle labels from 

and the banner from
They have the full version but I shortened it and added her monogram.

I just hope y'all are much better hosts and take pictures of the guests...i definitely failed in that sorry, Kasey! 

happy birthday, Kasey!  :)

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