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Sunday, December 2, 2012

not this time...

Travis has been seeing an 11 pt deer creapin on one of his deer feeders and he's been after it...this weekend we all went to the deer lease in hopes trav would "blast" it....
Friday was a rough night as Ty was VERY UPSET that he couldn't go with his daddy and finally he told me "a donut will make me feel better." at 4:00 in the afternoon that is what he got! ha.  
Then it came time to cook dinner...I had brought stuff to grill and to put in the oven..well..I  only know how to work a gas grill (not a mesquite wood one that is down there) and then I realized the oven didn't work...bummer! there went my meal! Since we didn't have a vehicle and we are in the middle of nowhere... I had to improvise since I had already prepared my food.  I found an electric griddle to cook the pork chops and found a cast iron skillet and used it to cook my corn casserole..and just put foil on top to keep moisture and let it cook. I truly felt like a pioneer woman..It definitely didn't turn out near as well as it could have with my first cooking options..but it was edible! hahaha! saturday night the kids had pb&J's and trav and I went through the drive thru! lol.
Anyways, with a full moon and it being in the low 80's the deer are not moving a whole lot so Trav didn't see his deer. On saturday my cousins wife came down and she volunteered to watch the kids while I hunt with Trav....we took her up on that and we had a great time. If I had a million dollars to give Trav It would go towards getting his own hunting show. The kid LOVES hunting and would love to have his own show...but of course, it's a package deal...I get to participate as well! hehe. We watch hunting shows everyday...and I've come up with good videographer skills....So, on saturday we had our first run at our show...(haha)...
Apparently our equipment isn't as high-tech as the professionals because when they whisper you can hear them clear as day...when I couldn't hear me at all! haha. Good thing he didn't get the  deer that time I'll correct our amateur mistakes! haha. We had such a good time "filming", talking, enjoying the scenery and the peace and quiet in the deer blind for a few hours...but 30 minutes after sunset we packed up and headed back to the house as our babies were waiting for us...but we appreciated Anne for watching them so we could enjoy hunting together! Instead of staying saturday night...we just ended up coming home...there is just no place like him! hopefully, next weekend Trav can get his deer!  :) 

Look at the stud hunter...hehe

Ty loves hunting already too..and can't wait to "get bigger first." but, until then he is the best helper!

Cooper boy

 Hanna acting like a bird....haha.

Travis and my cousin nick would shoot their bows at the target and ty's job was to run and get it and then walk back (since the arrow is sharp)...and once ty decided to run back and I said, "Ty, walk." his response, "Why, i have my running shoes on."  silly boy.

hanna enjoying coopers water bowl.

little gymnastics in the house...

Hanna tries to do a forward roll too....anything brother does so will she..

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