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Monday, December 10, 2012

In no certain order….

I have apparently used up all my photo space so I am using a different method….so, these pictures are in no certain order…but, here's what's been going on in our world….

2 weeks after Hanna got tubes she has another ear infection…so we have been on drops for a week..went back to the ENT today and she is still infected…plus, she has a terrible cough and runny nose..been on meds for a week and on breathing treatments…have an appt tomorrow to try and get an antibiotic…I am just trying to get her well! But, her big bro, Ty, is the best little doctor and gives her the breathing treatments…so sweet and kinda sad he knows exactly what to do…haha!
Today after our ENT appt Mr. Mason came to play... 
 I have created clean kids who love to help me….it may take me a lot longer and we may go through a whole bottle of dusting spray in one cleaning session…but hey, they are good little helpers..haha.

We had a bday party on saturday at The Pottery….so fun! and even Santa was there! :) Ty went to him..but Hanna definitely kept her distance…haha
I have also created a picture taking monster…Ty loves getting my phone and taking he learned to turn the camera around and take pictures of himself (and me)...

"say cheese, Hanna."

I kept Brady and Sophi all last week…that was fun! and we all were conked out friday after they left. 

We got Ty a full size bed with a trundle for when he has sleep overs….but this is what happens when brady comes! Actually, typically they get separated bc they won't go to sleep…this was a rare night they actually stayed in bed and fell asleep! 

At the pond throwing rocks.

storytime at the library
Ty and Hanna still went to school on tuesday so it was just me and  B &S….after dropping them off at 9 they got hungry… I needed to run a few errands so I pulled through a donut shop…this is the face I got when I broke sophi's in half…whoops…, she got another one that was whole! lol.

Little miss after finding out she had another ear infection

Hanna loves cooper….ty, not so much

That's us in a nutshell….getting our bags packed so we can head to DisneyWorld on thursday! :)

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