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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dress up...

When we were "surprised" with our baby girl a year ago...she came out so sweet and we just had a feeling she would be "girly." well, a year later..we were of right now anyways. She LOVES jewelry and all things girl! I love, love my little boy and playing "boy" things with him..but it's so fun playing dress up with, Hanna..but, don't tell travis..Ty also likes to wear jewelry! hehe. however, she also loves playing with trucks, tools and her big brother toys. 

She wears  her bracelets and necklaces..all the time!

Her cousin, Sophi, has enough hair to make a ligit ponytail so we had to try with Hanna's little hair that she has...isn't it cute. haha. 
look real close and you can see might have to get a magnifying glass. haha.

several months ago I had painted Sophi's fingernails and toenails..and she sat so nicely while i I thought, when she grabbed some fingernail polish, she wanted them done again...well, I had the wrong assumption. But, guess who walked over and stuck her hand out...our little missy prissy. 
She loved having her nails painted. I can't wait to have pedicure dates :)

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