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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well, we made it back from disneyworld and Houston just in time for Santa to find our is our trip in a nutshell...literally...I took almost a 1,000 pictures over our 6 days at DisneyWorld. Here are some of Ty's favorites. 
Ty was a little shy at first..but slowly warmed up to all the characters. Hanna loved them from afar, waving and smiling, but NEVER wanted to get near one! haha. 
They were both troopers as nap time was almost nonexistent..
We never made it over to Animal Kingdome...but the other 3 parks were great...with Magic Kingdom being our favorite...although, Ty's favorite characters (Woody and Buzz) were at Hollywood Studios...along with Jake, Handy Manny...we saw Disney Jr live on stage and Ty felt at home..haha. he loved it..knew every character and every song! :) We loved all the parades...especially the mickey christmas parade...the service was impeccable...Ty got to have a Dance Party with his favorites, woody, Jessie and Bullseye...what more could he have wanted..his favorite things all in one.
He loved all the rides, but a couple of them scared him...but, no tears...
Ty rode his first roller coaster...LOVED IT...
Hanna's favorite was the Dumbo ride.
Ty's favorite was A Small World...
We ate a lot but walked a lot. 
We all had a great time and look forward to our next visit. :)

About to ride the "Ariel ride." 

Hanna's favorite..
watching one of the parades...ty spying Woody and buzz coming along..

Ty danced his little heart out with woody...
so sweet..Ty didn't want to let go.

She might have clanged to me the whole trip but as long as I  was holding her..she would take a picture with a character...this morning we spied daisy at Epcot.

on our way from Epcot to dinner at the Yacht club we found a beach! 

Although Ty loves Woody and Buzz...nobody beats Mickey in his book. He was so excited...and mickey even remembered coming to Ty's 2nd bday party! :) hehe.

Apparently there are new princesses in town...this was princess Aurora...

Since hanna wanted no part with her..she snuck in a kiss

Watching big bro ride the roller coaster...

New Fantasyland had the one and only roller coaster that ty could ride..

I just thought these characters were they not look exactly like cinderella's step-sisters...awesome..haha.

Eating in france one night...apparently, Ty had too much to eat and his shirt doesn't fit anymore..hahaha.

The whole gang (19 total) with Mickey...

Kisses from Minnie...

Breakfast with Mickey and the Gang..

saw woody and buzz the first day...but we had to go back on the last day to see them one more time...:)

A himself..picture..

Such a cool kid..

watched beauty and the beast..and little mermaid...oh, and muppets in 3D (ty really liked that one).

A little mickey ice cream while we waited for another parade to begin..

The best part of the trip was well, not having to cook or clean for 10 days...hehe..but seeing the expressions on Ty's face when he saw his favorites was, so fun!

But, this little boy...and momma and daddy and sister...were plum tuckered out!
leaving Florida to head back to texas! 

They have already started fighting over the window seat! haha.

Ty was such a great helper and carried this carryon suitcase through the whole houston airport! so funny...he wanted to be like everyone else...

Thursday night we stayed at the houston airport hotel since our flight left  first thing friday morning...

I used to love roller coasters..but it seems the older I get the weaker my stomach, I am not a fan of them...but, travis loves, guess what I got to do...haha. The things we girls do for our men! lol/

Chip and Dale came to our hotel one night.

Ty was so tired the day we left he fell asleep at the airport...I'd say we had an extremely successful trip!

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