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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas time...

We got in to Houston, Thursday night...a week from the Thursday we left Midland, for a weekend filled with more family and friends..
One day we went to Travis' grandparents house for a little 4 generation backyard game of baseball...
such a precious, sweet, moment..Ty and his great-granddaddy! 

Ty's 2nd biggest cheerleader. :) His mommy being the first! hehe. Ty is so sweet...everytime he hits the ball he'll run to me for a big hug! I LOVE IT..MELT MY HEART! I just hope he keeps that up..I'm sure the coach will understand why he has a detour before running to first base! :)

Little Addison..3 1/2 months...:) She loves her aunt lindsey ! :)

One night a few great- family friends came over for a little happy  hour...

brother and sister...

James and Hanna meeting FINALLY for the first time...James is just a few weeks older..and a future boyfriend!
Hanna playing hard to get...that a girl! haha.

Addison was partied out! 
Ty beating up on "nimbus"


Christmas with the Roby's...

cutie patootie..sawyer with his Gram.

watching the boys play...

time to eat...

love it! So font that Ty and McCain are 1 day apart..
Ella and Hanna are about 6 weeks apart..(right Jenn)?
and Sawyer and Addison are a few weeks apart...

Gigi and Great-granddady with their great grandkids!

Ty loves being a big cousin to addison..he wanted to hold her!

and loves giving  her kisses!

we had a great, great visit and it always goes way too fast. but we cherish the times we have together!

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