Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, December 31, 2012

Dress up...

When we were "surprised" with our baby girl a year ago...she came out so sweet and we just had a feeling she would be "girly." well, a year later..we were of right now anyways. She LOVES jewelry and all things girl! I love, love my little boy and playing "boy" things with him..but it's so fun playing dress up with, Hanna..but, don't tell travis..Ty also likes to wear jewelry! hehe. however, she also loves playing with trucks, tools and her big brother toys. 

She wears  her bracelets and necklaces..all the time!

Her cousin, Sophi, has enough hair to make a ligit ponytail so we had to try with Hanna's little hair that she has...isn't it cute. haha. 
look real close and you can see might have to get a magnifying glass. haha.

several months ago I had painted Sophi's fingernails and toenails..and she sat so nicely while i I thought, when she grabbed some fingernail polish, she wanted them done again...well, I had the wrong assumption. But, guess who walked over and stuck her hand out...our little missy prissy. 
She loved having her nails painted. I can't wait to have pedicure dates :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

one last christmas...

This past weekend we had our christmas gathering with my side of the family...
My sister and her family came in friday afternoon, we ate lunch and then opened gifts..the kids were super excited...and so were the little ones! :) we ended up spending the night over there friday night to have more time together and for santa to make a special stop on saturday morning! :) I was once told, "If you stop believing in santa he won't come see you anymore." this girl still believes! hehe!
Saturday we just hung around and the kids played and played while the boys helped Travis finish off his deer..he's getting it shoulder mounted so he had to cape it...and then drop it off at the taxidermist...more meat for us! :) 
That night we had another delicious meal and then it was time for the Roby clan to head home...
Sunday, there was just one church we got to sleep in..and we truly did..the kids didn't wake up til close to 8 and trav got up and cooked breakfast burritos...and he even did the dishes! Merry christmas to me! :) It's a cold, yucky day here today so now we are just enjoying lounging and staying warm inside! :) Can't believe the year 2012 is almost!

very blessed...

Ty was very excited about his trampoline..but is sad it hasn't been warm enough to install and jump! poor guy!
Hanna got lots of girly things...which our little princess loves.

of course, we love Olivia...

The roby's got my parents an ACU ornament..Go Wildcats..

Daniel loving his gifts...

Dad made my mom custom running shoes...the tongue says, "Trophy Wife." lol.

Travis excited about one of his gifts.

Out of all the loot the boys got...they loved their Thomas Flashlights! haha.

we made a sign to hang on their playhouse outside..

Friday night they boys cuddled with me and played on their "computers" aka..Innotabs.


Sophi ready for work..

Since Sophi thinks she's too cool for a nap or sleep in general...while everyone else napped we played dress up..hehe..

she loves the hat stayed on pretty much all day..
 and on a side proud of my 19M old Niece...who tee-teed and poo-poo'd in the potty all weekend...YAY, SOPHI!!!
Then Hanna woke up and got to join in on the fun...
the girls had a little conversation about their jewels..

Always a zoo when the kids are together..but a fun one..

family pics Sunday after church...or at least attempted..

We had a wonderful, wonderful christmas this always, and enjoyed each day spent with family! tackle taking down christmas decorations while Trav is home..or to sit under a warm blanket..decisions, decisions..

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa Came to town...

This year was so much fun being Santa. Ty had the gist of santa but not year should really be fun! He knew the reason for the season.."Jesus' birthday," and he knew if he was a good boy Santa would come bring him presents...he has the "better not pout" song down!! :) 
On Christmas Eve we had our own little christmas to start our own family fun sitting at our dining table all grown up! haha! 
After dinner we opened presents and afterwards Ty looked kinda sad, and he only wanted me to hold him...So, I asked him "what was wrong" and if he "didn't like his presents?" He told me he "loved his presents but Santa didn't come see him." It was seriously one of the saddest things ever. It crushed me..i wanted Santa to come right then! but, after explaining to him Santa didn't forget him and that he comes while you are sleeping his spirits rose! the kids got bathed and christmas jammies were put on...Hanna went straight to bed(it was only like, 6) and Ty drank hot chocolate and we watched A Christmas Story...then it was bedtime so santa would come visit. Since Ty has slept in the same room as us for 10 days getting him to sleep by himself has been a challenge ever since we got home. But...I think he's finally back to normal...however, he still wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs in bed with us. Knowing this, Santa and I were worried he would either, 1) catch santa putting gifts out or 2) we would be woken up at an odd hour in the middle of the night with an excited 2 year old.
Luckily neither happened. :) We strategically placed Ty's stuff on the couch that ty wouldn't see when walking to our room...and hanna's stuff was across the room on the chair...
When morning came, Hanna woke up first but she would rather have her milk and breakfast than bother with her we waited for ty. when ty woke up he had forgotten Santa had come and when I reminded him he got all sorts of excited...actually, I think he was scared, as he ran and clang to me bc he thought santa was in our, after I assured him he was gone he was good to go look at the gifts...and he was sooo excited about all his gifts...especially the "computer" and "flashlight" he asked for. :)
Hanna really just enjoyed the leftover cookies from Santa! :) 
Ty and Hanna left cookies for santa and carrots for Santa to take to the reindeer...and christmas morning Ty walked outside bc 1 reindeer had dropped half his carrot...and ty said, "Oh no, I hope he didn't get hungry." haha...sweet boy!
Anyways, it's so fun being Santa, starting our own traditions and just soooo blessed to have such a wonderful family! :)

Hanna was incredibly sleepy and apparently wasn't in the mood for pictures...
and Ty wanted to leave Santa his picture to show him..

Shannon gave the kids cute little animals that sing and they love them..

ty wanted to take our picture...not too bad! haha.

Eating for our first time at the dining table as a family.

Christmas 2012...
silly faces..

getting ready to head to bed...but first, cookies and carrots were left.

and he wanted to leave his "list" so Santa wouldn't forget what he asked for...hahaha.

Next day, it was very cold in midland so Hanna finally got to bust out her "fur."hehe.

Baker Ty making cookies for Santa.

hanna just liked licking the icing.

Hanna was glad santa didn't eat all the cookies...

Hope everyone had a very merry christmas...