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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"why's" and "uh-uh's"

Ty has always been a great talker...he picks up on things rather quickly and keeps them stored! Although sometimes I wish he could remain quite..for just a few seconds...I am glad we can have lengthy conversations..However, over the last few weeks Ty has a new word that he constantly says...the dreaded.."why?" our conversations just increased in time. After every answer you respond with, he fires back with "why." Travis has learned to beat him to the chase and before Ty has the chance to ask, "why" Travis responds with all the reasons...etc. 
For example, Our convo's go like this..."Ty, go put your shoes on." 
T: "why"
M: bc you can't go outside without your shoes on."
M:"bc you'll get your socks dirty or you could step on something and hurt your foot."
T: "why"....
and on and on.....
Yes, I have pulled the ultimate mom card and often say, "Because, I said so." ha.
And while Ty has us answering all his why questions...little miss..has us wanting to put in ear plugs with her "uh, uh, uh's".... it's out of control...Since Ty was saying several words by her age we didn't experience the the uh-uh's...but, hanna's making up for it!
she has some words she says: ty, hi, jump(ump), drink (da), cup (cu), bath time (ba- ti)...but we have been working using more words and more the meantime..this is what I see constantly throughout the day...the sign for "more."  and she's getting 3 more teeth and she doesn't seem to be real excited about them! ha.
and travis wonders why i don't have the TV on all day or why i don't listen to the radio in the car...sometimes it's nice to have peace and quite! haha.

In other news...last night at gymnastics ty got to ring the bell (an honor the kids get for doing something good) for doing a round-off all by himself. He was so proud! haha! but really, he enjoys the suckers and stamps he gets after every class! haha!

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  1. i know what you mean about no noise! When both boys are sleeping (if they do at the same time) I turn every single thing in the house off. It's dark, it's quiet. awww it's heaven :)