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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's the simple things in life...

I really have no exciting news to post about...we are all just recovering from the we are pretty boring. I am so over Dr's appt's and co-pays..but, thankful for our insurance. haha! 
When I was pregnant with Ty I had a friends mom who told me some advice..which, out of all the advice...besides "it goes by quickly" is the one I remembered and will always treasure..."write down all the funny things that are said or done and keep it forever and you can look back on it or show them down the road." I thought that was an excellent Idea and right up my alley. I have to admit I  don't always get all the funnies written down bc I do have a clown of a little boy..but I try my best. 

Thought I would share a few from the past couple of days....
Ty gets a little mixed up in the "beside and behind" phrases. He always tells me, "Mommy, come sit behind me" when clearly he means beside since there is no where behind him to sit. He mixes them up often and it makes me laugh every time..while I correct him! haha

Today, I noticed Hanna only took a 30 minute nap at MDO...which was not a long nap at all considering we have been up since 4. So, I asked Ty, "how long did you nap today, Ty?" his response, "30 pounds." haha. Oh, Ty!

He has somehow (I assume school) picked up Karate and does it frequently during the day...he'll bust out his "karate" moves...which always preceded by, "haw-ya." 
Speaking of moves...the kid has picked up some new dance moves..and they crack me literally resembles the harlem shake. hilarious...he definitely gets his dance moves from his daddy!

It's fun seeing the difference in a boys mind and a girls mind. Hanna is really become into jewelry, scarves, necklaces..etc.. and has a new princess castle that we play with frequently. 
Well, anything can be ponytail holders are usually a big favorite..and where hanna will place them on her wrist as a bracelet..Ty uses them as a slingshot! haha 

Hanna typically has some of ty's binoculars around her neck as a necklace. 

When playing with the castle....ty also plays with it a lot..where hanna pushes the princess' and sings and dance Ty pretends there are monsters that are coming to get them! haha.

Hanna is finally feeling better...and it's so great to see! 


Hanna's just as much of a dancer as her big brother is..

We are finally getting all well...Ty still has his ear infection but seems to be getting better and Hanna is all scheduled for tubes on friday! :) 

Love my babies and thankful for them everyday!

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