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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

What a wonderful year/life it has been! Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! It's in my favorite season, get to indulge in delicious food surrounded by family and loved ones and watch the Cowboys play! Love it! However, this year it just didn't feel like thanksgiving to me...I am not sure if it was bc it was 80 degrees here or bc it quickly came and went! crazy! This year it was my side of the families turn to host thanksgiving for we , along with my sisters family gathered at my parents house for our thanksgiving meal feast! mmm..mmm..delicious. Wish the Cowboys would have had a better outcome but nevertheless, we had a great day! And, tomorrow we all wake up and head to Lubbock to ride the Polar Express! The boys are soooo excited! 

Hanna thoroughly enjoyed her food.

 My Great-Aunt Betty Fay joined us as well.
Mom did a fabulous job, as always, on the meal...

 Being goofy..Go Wildcats..
 Anybody else's husbands partaking in the "no-shave november?" Let's just say Trav is not apart of the "Duck Dynasty"Robertson Clan...I am ready for that puppy to be shaved! haha..He is soooo proud of it!

Dad with his girls...

Apparently my sister and I keep the same sides in every picture..ha!

The girls putting on their shoes.


My parents got the boys bikes to keep at their house..and boy do they have fun with them...they are both riding them really well!

Thought I would show off Ty's MDO crafts...This one just happens to be my favorite.. hehe
"Ty is thankful for mommy" :) love my little boy.
Tuesday night Trav went to the deer lease and came back wednesday night..but, Tuesday night Ty prayed for trav, "I am thankful for daddy going to the deer lease." haha..and wednesday night he prayed, "let daddy come home safely." Such a sweet, sweet boy!

His thanksgiving placemat!
He made a couple of other crafts...and we made one with both ty and hanna's handprints here at the house, but I don't have a picture of those..but of course, they are beautiful! lol.

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving! :) I am not a black friday shopper...the lines were already crazy long at the stores we past by going home at 7....but if you are..Good Luck! haha :)

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