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Monday, November 5, 2012

Domino Effect...

Last week Hanna was diagnosed with a viral infection...on thursday, naturally, Ty and I got it...booo! :(
So...Since Hanna was sick and couldn't go to the Tech Game like planned...we stayed home while, Trav, Ty and The Robys (amy and trae) went to Lubbock...I started ty on a different type of OTC medicine..allegra...seemed to work better for him..I think he became immune to zyrtec and cold and allergy meds!  
While they were away it was a girls weekend for hanna and I...unfortunately, though it wasn't the, paint your nails, give facials and have tea parties. type of girls weekend. Although she did have one aspect all day and night!  She was diagnosed with another ear infection on she is getting tubes probably next friday! ALthough, I was really pulling for her not to have to get them..if it helps her 1) sleep 2) eat and 3) not be in pain...I'm all for it! I can not get her to eat..AT ALL!! so..I started giving her Pediasure...she still drinks very, I figured at least that will give her the nutrients and vitamins she needs! 
So, while Ty and Trav were away I put together her bday we played kitchen and made cupcakes A LOT! and sang and danced to her princess castle! 

While we were doing "Girly" things..Ty was in lubbock getting ready for the fball game. They went up on friday and that evening made their way to a spirit shop. I got a call later from travis who said, "I just got finished chasing YOUR son around the store...and the reason I say, "Your son" is because he wasted everything in site!" lol...I've taught him well! hahahaha. Hey, it's all good if the grandparents are buying..right? Apparently of all the shirts in the store he WANTED a red, he got that a new hat!
A yearly tradition started when Ty went to his first game...the UT/Tech game when he was like 7-8 months old and he and his granddaddy had their picture made with Raider Red...since then, every year they get their picture made and we frame it and he puts it on the wall...every year they look something like this....haha..I really think the initial pictures should be the framers! haha.

They came home sunday morning and Ty was so excited to see the toys put together...doesn't he look like a little college boy here! (horsey shirt (that's all he wants to wear), jeans, boots and tech hat..he picked is attire out) UGH,..i don't even want to think about that!

for now I will cuddle with my little boy since he is still sick and now seems to have an ear infection....bless his heart..he is typically pretty tough when he is sick..but this seems to really bother him..he even asked me to call the dr! :( Which of course, I did and we have an appt later!bless his heart!

Happy November from our sickie house!!! ha! 

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