Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"why's" and "uh-uh's"

Ty has always been a great talker...he picks up on things rather quickly and keeps them stored! Although sometimes I wish he could remain quite..for just a few seconds...I am glad we can have lengthy conversations..However, over the last few weeks Ty has a new word that he constantly says...the dreaded.."why?" our conversations just increased in time. After every answer you respond with, he fires back with "why." Travis has learned to beat him to the chase and before Ty has the chance to ask, "why" Travis responds with all the reasons...etc. 
For example, Our convo's go like this..."Ty, go put your shoes on." 
T: "why"
M: bc you can't go outside without your shoes on."
M:"bc you'll get your socks dirty or you could step on something and hurt your foot."
T: "why"....
and on and on.....
Yes, I have pulled the ultimate mom card and often say, "Because, I said so." ha.
And while Ty has us answering all his why questions...little miss..has us wanting to put in ear plugs with her "uh, uh, uh's".... it's out of control...Since Ty was saying several words by her age we didn't experience the the uh-uh's...but, hanna's making up for it!
she has some words she says: ty, hi, jump(ump), drink (da), cup (cu), bath time (ba- ti)...but we have been working using more words and more the meantime..this is what I see constantly throughout the day...the sign for "more."  and she's getting 3 more teeth and she doesn't seem to be real excited about them! ha.
and travis wonders why i don't have the TV on all day or why i don't listen to the radio in the car...sometimes it's nice to have peace and quite! haha.

In other news...last night at gymnastics ty got to ring the bell (an honor the kids get for doing something good) for doing a round-off all by himself. He was so proud! haha! but really, he enjoys the suckers and stamps he gets after every class! haha!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

What a wonderful year/life it has been! Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! It's in my favorite season, get to indulge in delicious food surrounded by family and loved ones and watch the Cowboys play! Love it! However, this year it just didn't feel like thanksgiving to me...I am not sure if it was bc it was 80 degrees here or bc it quickly came and went! crazy! This year it was my side of the families turn to host thanksgiving for we , along with my sisters family gathered at my parents house for our thanksgiving meal feast! mmm..mmm..delicious. Wish the Cowboys would have had a better outcome but nevertheless, we had a great day! And, tomorrow we all wake up and head to Lubbock to ride the Polar Express! The boys are soooo excited! 

Hanna thoroughly enjoyed her food.

 My Great-Aunt Betty Fay joined us as well.
Mom did a fabulous job, as always, on the meal...

 Being goofy..Go Wildcats..
 Anybody else's husbands partaking in the "no-shave november?" Let's just say Trav is not apart of the "Duck Dynasty"Robertson Clan...I am ready for that puppy to be shaved! haha..He is soooo proud of it!

Dad with his girls...

Apparently my sister and I keep the same sides in every picture..ha!

The girls putting on their shoes.


My parents got the boys bikes to keep at their house..and boy do they have fun with them...they are both riding them really well!

Thought I would show off Ty's MDO crafts...This one just happens to be my favorite.. hehe
"Ty is thankful for mommy" :) love my little boy.
Tuesday night Trav went to the deer lease and came back wednesday night..but, Tuesday night Ty prayed for trav, "I am thankful for daddy going to the deer lease." haha..and wednesday night he prayed, "let daddy come home safely." Such a sweet, sweet boy!

His thanksgiving placemat!
He made a couple of other crafts...and we made one with both ty and hanna's handprints here at the house, but I don't have a picture of those..but of course, they are beautiful! lol.

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving! :) I am not a black friday shopper...the lines were already crazy long at the stores we past by going home at 7....but if you are..Good Luck! haha :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's the simple things in life...

I really have no exciting news to post about...we are all just recovering from the we are pretty boring. I am so over Dr's appt's and co-pays..but, thankful for our insurance. haha! 
When I was pregnant with Ty I had a friends mom who told me some advice..which, out of all the advice...besides "it goes by quickly" is the one I remembered and will always treasure..."write down all the funny things that are said or done and keep it forever and you can look back on it or show them down the road." I thought that was an excellent Idea and right up my alley. I have to admit I  don't always get all the funnies written down bc I do have a clown of a little boy..but I try my best. 

Thought I would share a few from the past couple of days....
Ty gets a little mixed up in the "beside and behind" phrases. He always tells me, "Mommy, come sit behind me" when clearly he means beside since there is no where behind him to sit. He mixes them up often and it makes me laugh every time..while I correct him! haha

Today, I noticed Hanna only took a 30 minute nap at MDO...which was not a long nap at all considering we have been up since 4. So, I asked Ty, "how long did you nap today, Ty?" his response, "30 pounds." haha. Oh, Ty!

He has somehow (I assume school) picked up Karate and does it frequently during the day...he'll bust out his "karate" moves...which always preceded by, "haw-ya." 
Speaking of moves...the kid has picked up some new dance moves..and they crack me literally resembles the harlem shake. hilarious...he definitely gets his dance moves from his daddy!

It's fun seeing the difference in a boys mind and a girls mind. Hanna is really become into jewelry, scarves, necklaces..etc.. and has a new princess castle that we play with frequently. 
Well, anything can be ponytail holders are usually a big favorite..and where hanna will place them on her wrist as a bracelet..Ty uses them as a slingshot! haha 

Hanna typically has some of ty's binoculars around her neck as a necklace. 

When playing with the castle....ty also plays with it a lot..where hanna pushes the princess' and sings and dance Ty pretends there are monsters that are coming to get them! haha.

Hanna is finally feeling better...and it's so great to see! 


Hanna's just as much of a dancer as her big brother is..

We are finally getting all well...Ty still has his ear infection but seems to be getting better and Hanna is all scheduled for tubes on friday! :) 

Love my babies and thankful for them everyday!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Domino Effect...

Last week Hanna was diagnosed with a viral infection...on thursday, naturally, Ty and I got it...booo! :(
So...Since Hanna was sick and couldn't go to the Tech Game like planned...we stayed home while, Trav, Ty and The Robys (amy and trae) went to Lubbock...I started ty on a different type of OTC medicine..allegra...seemed to work better for him..I think he became immune to zyrtec and cold and allergy meds!  
While they were away it was a girls weekend for hanna and I...unfortunately, though it wasn't the, paint your nails, give facials and have tea parties. type of girls weekend. Although she did have one aspect all day and night!  She was diagnosed with another ear infection on she is getting tubes probably next friday! ALthough, I was really pulling for her not to have to get them..if it helps her 1) sleep 2) eat and 3) not be in pain...I'm all for it! I can not get her to eat..AT ALL!! so..I started giving her Pediasure...she still drinks very, I figured at least that will give her the nutrients and vitamins she needs! 
So, while Ty and Trav were away I put together her bday we played kitchen and made cupcakes A LOT! and sang and danced to her princess castle! 

While we were doing "Girly" things..Ty was in lubbock getting ready for the fball game. They went up on friday and that evening made their way to a spirit shop. I got a call later from travis who said, "I just got finished chasing YOUR son around the store...and the reason I say, "Your son" is because he wasted everything in site!" lol...I've taught him well! hahahaha. Hey, it's all good if the grandparents are buying..right? Apparently of all the shirts in the store he WANTED a red, he got that a new hat!
A yearly tradition started when Ty went to his first game...the UT/Tech game when he was like 7-8 months old and he and his granddaddy had their picture made with Raider Red...since then, every year they get their picture made and we frame it and he puts it on the wall...every year they look something like this....haha..I really think the initial pictures should be the framers! haha.

They came home sunday morning and Ty was so excited to see the toys put together...doesn't he look like a little college boy here! (horsey shirt (that's all he wants to wear), jeans, boots and tech hat..he picked is attire out) UGH,..i don't even want to think about that!

for now I will cuddle with my little boy since he is still sick and now seems to have an ear infection....bless his heart..he is typically pretty tough when he is sick..but this seems to really bother him..he even asked me to call the dr! :( Which of course, I did and we have an appt later!bless his heart!

Happy November from our sickie house!!! ha!