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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat...


This year we didn't get the full effect of Halloween bc Hanna is super sick. She's had a fever since Sunday that I haven't been able to break and we have her well check on friday and I was trying to hold her off...but with the combo of fever, congestion, coarse cough and wheezing I decided I needed to take her in sooner...So, this morning we found out she didn't have strep or the flu but did indeed have a contagious viral infection. So, now I am having to give her breathing treatments every 4 hours for 5 days and then 2-3 times a day..along with the tylenol and ibuprofen to help keep her fever down...until we go back friday to again access the situation...the 8th time this! 
So, while everyone was out trick or treating with their little ones...I was home giving hanna another breathing treatment looking on facebook at all the adorable costumes! :) 

These were taken yesterday before Ty's you can see she isn't lookin to hot!

Silly boy!

AFter going to the Dr. lots of our plans changed! Hanna could no longer go to Travis' work trick or treat or hang out with our friends tonight! :( bummer! BUt, Ty got to go..and boy did he rack up the candy! I forgot that last year I decided to not buy candy and just let all Ty's garb be handed out to trick or treaters...he gets sooo much candy!

I gave Trav the camera with instructions to take pictures....and look who he found! :)

One of our neighbors had emailed me earlier in the day wanting to see Ty and Hanna's costumes and give them their "treat", I got Hanna all dressed up  (luckily, it was just a tutu) and we went next door! earliest trick or treaters ever at 5:30! :)

AFter trying her hardest for awhile..Hanna finally found a piece of candy her mommy would let her have...and i'm not sure where it landed the her tummy or on her shirt! ha

Ty was all kinds of excited when mom-mom and grandpa brought a pumpkin of goodies...

Since our little girl is sick our plans changed and the grandparents came to our house to take ty to a few houses..and hanna got to go to one more!

"Let's go daddy."

"Trick or Treat"
 Coolest "treats"...Bubbles...Ty's favorite.

 and that was it for HAnna! Ty made it to a few more before spooling it up! 
 Looks like a little pirate is up to something..

 Came home...bathtime..and then ty's favorite part of halloween...handing out the candy! He absolutely loves it! :) Don't mind the "plumber" look! haha

Hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween! :)

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