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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweet/Shabby Chic Birthday Party...

Although I never wanted, or rushed, Hanna into being 1...I began thinking of her party months and months ago only because I knew there is a lot to plan...and I am definitely not a procrastinator and I knew we had a busy schedule ahead of I began the thinking process. 
When I think of Hanna one word comes to mind...sweet and precious. ok, obviously that is 2 words but thats how I would describe her! So, when thinking of her 1st bday party that's where I was headed...and after thinking I began leaning towards vintage...and then into Shabby Chic....So, I guess you could say she had a Vintage/Shabby Chic Birthday party! I know what you are thinking, "why not a pumpkin party"..I figured there will be numerous pumpkin/costume parties in our future so before she can tell me what kind of party she wants I thought I'd go with this girly theme! :) The hardest thing about the whole party planning for a sweet/vintage/shabby chic first birthday was finding an invitation...but I finally found one on Etsy with MommiesInk and she was great to change up a baby shower invitation to make it into a birthday invitation! She did a fabulous job! 
I made her birthday banner from burlap and jute!
I found all the table decorations(doilies) from my moms linen closet! :) The fabric I used for the table runner was my old crib sheet that my Gram's vintage now, right!! haha! :)
I thought baking all different types of cookies would be better than just having cake or cupcakes..but halfway through my second day of baking with my favorite assistants Ty and Hanna...I was beginning to wonder...what was I thinking...haha.
"We" baked..snickerdoodles, strawberry cookies with buttercream icing, sugar cookie bars with lemon buttercream icing(was planning on making sugar cookies with pink buttercream icing and lemon bars...but as I was ready to ice the sugar cookie bars I realized I was out of red of going to the store (it was late) I saw my lemons and decided to combine the 2 bars and make a sugar cookie with lemon buttercream icing...good decision....a 2 for 1), chocolate covered graham cracker and peanut butter balls(found off pinterest) and pink-white chocolate covered popcorn! I actually had a lot more on my list but got exhausted and decided that was good! ha...

  invitation made by MommiesInk on ETSY

Travis built Hanna her lemonade stand awhile back ( I was hoping it was going to be warm for an outside party..but it was super cold and it was brought inside and was used to hold gifts instead!  ha...but, didn't trav do a great job! :) 

One of Travis' favorite drinks is an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade half tea) so of course, I had to have tea at the party!

All the guests (grandparents, aunts and cousins) signed the picture frame!
At Ty's baby blessing at church they did this....but since they didn't go that with Hanna's I made up for it at her bday party...Ty also had a flag flown in his honor for his birth...we missed the opportunity at Hanna's birth but had one flown on her first birthday! But, since it's flying on her birthday we don't have it yet...

As party favors each family got a oatmeal chocolate cookie chip mix...I found the labels off pinterest at  for free and added my own text to them.. 

 Of course had her monthly picture banner! I did this with Ty''s just fun to see how they've changed month to month.

Aunt Casey with Birthday Girl

OUr sweet baby girl.

Hanna with cousins Sophia and Brady

Sisters and babies...

Hanna with All the cousins..Even precious- 8 week old Addison made the trip!

Gamy and Granddadddy
 Grandpa and mom-mom
 All their grandkids..

Time to open presents...Hanna was a little tired and clinging onto I pretty much opened all her gifts...

Excited about her BIG kitchen from mom-mom and grandpa

I had to give her a cracker to keep her there....haha...
Thanks Ella for the minnie shirt...Hanna loved it and it'll be PERFECT for Disneyworld.

Great Aunt becky and Uncle David got her a princess castle.

Gamy and Granddaddy got her a cupcake kitchen...

Aunt Casey and brady and sophi got her the wagon..

Cake time...

Cleanest 1 year old eating cake I've ever seen..

Getting help from all the cousins (minus addison..haha)

Guests watching the Tech game.
 Hanna's Great-Great AUnt Betty Fay came to celebrate
 Cleaned up after cake and ready to keep partying..

Got the outfit from AuntMonMon's off Etsy...She did a great job! 
 Meme enjoying watching all her great-great grandkids..
 Addison sleeping through all the fun...she was worn out from all the stimulation the day before! poor girl...came from a nice, quite house to a Wild, crazy and loud house! But, she did GREAT!

The boys making lemonade...they are very much into "pretending" these days.

Trav and I got her the princess car..
 Of course, Ty had to "push"
 Sophi found ty's cowboy hat...
 and went and put it on hanna.

Outfit change...

boys will be boys...

 Sophi getting into the baseball game.

 IF you wonder were Sophi is..check the dirt...

Addison woke up and got into her party dress....isn't she precious!

She loves her aunt lindsey...hehe

I kept Hanna inside as long as I could...she finally found herself outside...
 Family pic...

Brady and Ty drank their weight in lemonade..
 And so did sophi...

Hanna Had a great first birthday party and I am so thankful for everyone who came. Hanna is one loved baby girl. 
On her real birthday, Monday, she woke up with a slight fever and had sprinkle pancakes...took a nap, woke up and we ventured to the mall...took her to Chick-fil-A for lunch..came home to find her with a 102 fever....great..more medicine and a nap...tried taking her outside but she just didn't feel like it..just layer on my shoulder! Poor baby girl is having a hard time turning one! Hopefully, her first year will get better! :)
 Thanks to all who wished her a happy birthday!

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