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Monday, October 1, 2012

Successful Dinner...

Yesterday was our first time to dine out as a family of 4 in a very long time..maybe only the 2nd time we think!  We just don't find it that much fun to go out to eat when 1) we have 2 kids who, like any kid, doesn't have the best patience.2) midland doesn't offer the greatest eating establishments...there just isn't anywhere we crave to, the service is so terrible it takes the fun out of it.. (everybody is working in the oil field, therefore; nobody has a full staff..which leads to extremely long waits! So, I typically cook every meal or we'll drive through our favorite place..Rosa's! :) But, yesterday we decided to give it a try and chose Roadhouse since there is several forms of entertainment for the, tv, rolls and peanuts..haha. 
of course we went that helps. 
Ty loves music so he danced did Hanna..then he saw the football game on TV..and that made him excited..and there were fish on the wall..another exciting thing to him...then we got our peanuts..and cracking them open became a fun task..he thoroughly enjoyed that...made a huge mess (sorry bus-boy) but it kept him busy! Hanna just enjoyed looking at everyone..such a people watcher..and of course, she enjoyed her roll..and when the food came she couldn't get enough..devoured everything..but, once we got home and it was time for her bottle..she didn't drink it all..left a few, baby girl was full! :)
We were so thankful we had such a great dinner, no wait and a great waiter...everyone had a wonderful time and left with super full bellies.  Success! :)
Now, we toil with trying again or leaving on a good note..we don't want to get too cocky! haha. But, good to know...a nice, successful dinner can happen!  :)

Ty seeing a "fish" on the wall.


Ty ordering for himself..he told the waiter, "I'll have ice cream, please." lol...proud of him for having nice manners but sorry, Ty, you can't just have ice cream for meal! However, we did stop on the way home and get him ice cream for being such a well behaved boy! :)

Hard at work cracking peanuts.

Anyways, just thought I'd share our, what we could deem..a monumental night! haha. 
came home and played with our neighbors..and learned other neighbors killed a rattler in their backyard..YUCK! on that note..we all went inside! haha. 
Oh, and By the way....midland got a little over 5 inches of rain and the lake (lake Ivie..where my parents place is and where we get our water supply..came up 15 feet..and is still climbing...HALLELUJAH)!

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