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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Every Wednesdays and Thursdays our library has a story time for kiddos...and we finally made it to one! Ty loved it as well as Hanna...and so did I. It was great for all involved. Ty loved singing the songs, playing with the parachute, listening to the story and making a craft. Hanna also loved the songs and story time..and I just loved sitting back and watching Ty have so much fun! He's so wild, and talks non-stop at home but in public settings he's much more tame...he just takes takes it all in! I am so proud of him..he follows directions and participates so well. So Proud of my little boy! Plus, he just loves the library..He loves to read and to see all the books makes him so excited. He's so funny! Before and after story time we looked at books in the children's area...He loves curious George and guess what we found..."Curious George and the Dinosaurs" was just perfect. He got the book and took it to the table and read it to me(and I must admit, he read it very well..and by read, I mean, he describes the pictures) ...afterwards, he saw something and asked me, "Mommy, you start here and watch my book so nobody takes it? "I'm going to look over here." Lol...such funny boy. Of course, he had to bring his wallet in that holds his library card so he could "pay" for a book...he checked it out all by himself and was soooo proud! Love my little boys love for books and learning! :) Afterwards, we walked over to Travis' office to show off his work..

Here's a glimpse of our experience..which we hope to have every wednesday! :)

They start with a good 15 minute song session...(Ty's over on the right side in the brown shirt)

Look at my little boy paying proud momma! :) hehe!

Of course, sweet little Hanna got in on the action!

Parachute time...oh my, so much fun!

Finally story time..look at Ty..front and center...haha! not sure who he gets that from bc both his parents liked the back of the class! :)

They read a Halloween book about a girl being in the Dark and had to use her naturally, the craft was making a flashlight...

AFter reading his book..he found the huge stuff animals to climb on! 
 He would stay there forever, hates leaving...but, it was time to go...which means checking out a book...getting his card out of his wallet! haha.

I love my little boy so much...he is such a joy and the sweetest little boy! We had a full day of story time, visiting daddy at his office, shoe shopping and riding his bike and a haircut (and actually, Ty likes haircuts..haha)...and of all the things we did when I asked him, what his favorite thing we did today was he said, "playing with you, mommy." AHHH..melt my heart....JUST LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!! soooo sweet. He often tells me throughout the day, "I always love you mommy." AGAIn...MELTS my HEART!!!! super sweet...
so...when he does things like this....throwing a baseball in the house (which is already a no-no) and breaks's hard to punish him...but, of course, we still do! But, after he did this (a few days ago) he was so apologetic.."I sorry mommy." over and over. After he was punished (had to go to his room) Travis tells me ,"But what a great throw...right in the middle) lol...Boys will be Boys! haha.

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