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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins and Parades

Last week I got to keep my niece and nephew while my sister worked and attended a training....I cherish the times I can keep Brady and Sophi bc I realize soon they will be in school and they won't be able to skip school like they do MDO!  :( tear! 
Casey came to Midland monday night and I kept B & S tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday Ty had to attend MDO bc he was in charge of I figured if we had to go up there anyways Hanna might as well go too. The day for Brady could not go fast enough..."Is it time to get Ty yet?" They are best friends and I love it! I love their never know what they are going to say. 
I tried to pass time for them by taking them to the park, lunch and then allowing Brady to watch some cartoons (They don't have cable bc they honestly never watch sister loves to read and get on pinterest..haha) and my brother in law, Daniel, gets home, eats and they go to bed. They do have Netflex for Brady so he is able to watch some shows but it's kinda like a treat for him to watch Disney JR and Nick Jr....and he would watch them all day if you let him. Anyways, finally it was time to get Ty and Hanna and life was just Great! haha. 
Wednesday we went to Storytime at the library bc I thought Brady would love's right up his alley...although he liked it..he didn't interact like I thought he would...he became shy! But, we still had fun!
Keep in mind..Hanna was on her 3rd double ear infection in a row...the month of October has been rough on her....So, the last resort before Tubes was getting a Rocephin shot for 3 days....which meant I had to take her to the dr m-w with all kids in tow! Luckily, my Dr. is super fast and we were in and out all 3 times! And after todays appt (monday) I am sooo happy to say, she is ear infection free!! YAY! 
we have to go back next week for her 1 year check that makes us see the pedi every week in October...Dr. wood is going to get sick of seeing us! haha.
Thursday after lunch we loaded up and headed to Abilene for the weekend...ready for ACU's Homecoming...but, first a stop at the pumpkin patch....

Our sweet Hanna who loves the camera! She always wins best baby award amongst the cousins!

My funny, miss priss...Sophia Grace....
She didn't really want her picture taken so she tried her best to keep her face from the camera...
This is her new "Cheese face."
She is a girl on a out world!

And my sweet, sensitive, loving, Brady Bear. He's going to be a Giant but he's going to be the Tender loving Teddy Bear...He's 3 and wears 5T clothes and size 12-13 shoe...

Friday was Family Carnival at ACU for Homecoming...We mentioned "bouncy house" and the boys were all about it (but, my phone isn't syncing right now..where those pics are)..

Go Wildcats...

Brady was tall enough with help from the stool...Ty, still needed help from Aunt Casey..haha

 Guess, Sophi wanted to be the girl...haha..

Of course we had to feed the wanted to ride the horse but the line was too long..

Hanging out at Jacob's Dream on campus...

Saturday was Parade day...

This years parade was very interesting...ACU has always banned dancing, partying, drinking..etc...but in the last couple of years they have actually allowed all of campus and if you are of age...BIG STEP for ACU. Wooza! Plus, they have changed social clubs and the pledging process....for the worse..and I think it has steered students from pledging...bc numbers were WAY down for all clubs. Crazy...but guess what was on the rise...Dancing clubs! WHAT??
 There was probably 4 or 5 different dancing type groups in the parade. I enjoyed them..but still weird to see! 
Hanna thoroughly enjoyed one of the groups dances and wanted to get involved.

One of our relatives did this statue on campus...i'm with you..I have no clue what it is..but we had to take the's been there for awhile..keep in mind my sister and I are the 4th generation of ACU Alumn on my mom's side. 
 ACU built a new rec center...much like TEch's but on a smaller scale. VERy, very nice...since my sister and I hadn't seen it..we had to cruise on over there...This is one of the classrooms... (it has exercise and sports  science classes as well).

After hauling Hanna across campus and then Ty bc he got tired (we weren't planning on walking clear across campus...or we would have brought the stroller...bad planning..ha!) I was beat and my arms were jello. After lunch we headed back to midland and waited for Trav to get home from the Deer Lease! 
It's always fun running into old classmates and seeing where you spent 4, or in my case 5 years, of your life..and then to show your kids. Although, it changes yearly, it's fun to do as a family. Both my parents went to ACU as well, and my mom typically attends homecoming but this year she need some R&R and the lake with my dad! 
GO Wildcats! :)

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