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Monday, October 29, 2012

One Year...


I CAN NOT baby girl Is 1....oh my goodness...time FLEW by! Actually, I am in denial. In Ty's words, "How is this possible?" 
I feel it was just yesterday, I was waking Trav up in the middle of the night and having to go to the hospital...a week earlier than planned...and then being told I was in labor and would be delivering in the next hour...only to be even more surprised when the dr said, "IT'S A GIRL." After mass chaos and wanting to rip out of the c-section bed to see for was confirmed....A BABY GIRL was delivered....SURPRISE!! and what a fun day that was...crazy with excitement! finally after almost 10 hours after delivery Travis and I had a chance to name our beautiful baby girl. Hanna (because we liked it) and kept James ( after my maternal grandfather and great-grandfather..and in honor of my maternal grandmother...who are all not with us anymore)....After asking her what she thought about "Hanna Banana" she smiled..and we knew it was the perfect name! Hanna came out with brown hair and dark eyes...and now has blonde hair and Blue eyes! crazy! Surprises all around! We love having our precious little girl! 

Hanna is the sweetest, happiest baby and is constantly smiling! She has the funniest "pageant wave." When she sees a phone or when mine rings she immediately either puts it up to her ear and says, "hi" or when it rings says, "hi." 
Still loves playing "peek-a-boo."
IS walking all over the place.
Is officially off a bottle and formula (yay) but still is taking 2 naps...but, I am ok with that...haha! bless her heart though...this month has been rough on her ears and now is getting sick again! boo...hopefully it won't affect her ears! :(.
Loves to play outside. You open the door and she gets incredibly excited. 
Is somewhat of a picky eater...that and she just doesn't eat that much...or at least not near as much as her big brother did! She loves her fruits and several veggies but doesn't seem to be a big fan of meats. 
rocking size 3 diapers until we run out and then upgraded to 4's! :)
in size 12 month clothes.
Loves bath time or anything involving water...swimming, water table, splashing..etc. 
She is our little CLIMBER and will find anything and everything to help boost her to a higher seriously have to watch her...instead of playing with toys she finds ways to stack and climb. silly girl! 
If she sees an electrical outlet she thinks it's a great place to insert fingers....AHHHHHH!! even though our outlets have built in child-proof is still SCARY!!! I love having tons of outlets in our house...but right now I could do without them...I keep a close eye on her and always put her in places where they are covered or give her a distraction! and same goes for the night lights around the house..again...AHHHHH!!
Is our little socialite and loves to see and be around people. 
Of course I am her mommy and think she is absolutely precious and perfect...but, lets face it..she is! lol!


During her cake was anything but smashing...she is our dainty little girl and was probably the cleanest 1 year old eating a cake. Actually, instead of eating it she started putting the cake on her leg..haha...she wasn't too sure about it...even with help. She did however, enjoy smearing her hands all in the icing..that seemed to be her favorite! haha.  plus, it doesn't help that she was tired but i thought it was a perfect depiction of her personality...dainty. 


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