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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family pics..

This past sunday I had the absolute privilege of taking pictures for some sweet friends. I was ecstatic yet super nervous when I was asked...I wanted to do a great job...I love taking pictures but my kids are always my Victims..oops.. I meant they were actually thrilled somebody else was hearing all the clicking of the camera! haha! 
Here is just a preview of some of them...Although only a couple of people read this blog I want to keep some of my absolute favorites a secret as they might appear on christmas cards!! :)
Luckily for me they were so photogenic and made taking the pictures so much easier. Thanks Tommerup Family at for letting me take pictures of your beautiful family!

I'll share a few black and white pics...

Of Course had to get the "Guns Up" picture!

 Hi beautiful baby, Hayes! 

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