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Monday, October 8, 2012

Daddy got a Deer..

October...quite possibly the best month of the year for Travis....I mean, I like to think it is for me (since it's our anniversary month, fall, football, cooler weather, leaves change colors...etc..) but..let's face it..guys don't think that you ask why would it be Travis' favorite...Well, one word...or maybe two words..."Hunting" season! If you know my husband you know his passion for hunting...he loves it all. But, he especially loves bow hunting for deer. He's like a little kid in a candy shop talking about hunting...he just loves it! I am so glad he got a deer lease where he can go, relax, enjoy himself and kill a few things! :) This past weekend we all loaded up and headed to WaterValley, TX in hopes of Trav killing a deer! Luckily for us, there is a nice ranch house there for us to stay..which makes life for me more enjoyable when hauling 2 kids and a dog! While Trav hunted friday night we kids just hung out and played...There have been several snakes spotted so I had to keep them close by..but having Cooper there made me not as snake paranoid seeing him roam and not find anything! :) Finally, Trav came back but sadly was empty handed. Saw a few shooters..and was excited about going back saturday morning! Saturday morning came and around 9 or so..trav came back...I thought for him to back so early it must be a good sign...or he got too cold or misty for him..but then thought...who am I kidding...he'd sit in the worse conditions to when Ty and I asked if he had any luck...he responded with a big, "yes." We were all so excited for him. Ty loved seeing the deer! He shot a cull buck...technically it was a 10 point but on one side it was pretty goofy and started growing fact, the horn was cutting into his skin when he would lift his head it was a great management deer. Now, Trav is one the hunt for some big ones he's seen on deer cams! :) Now we get to enjoy the delicious meat...:) hehe!

Ty always gets to drive..this time he didn't want any help..lets just say I hope his driving improves by age 16!
 Although Ty loves driving..Hanna loves to just get out of her carseat.
 Beautiful sunset

 Ty shooting his deer...

The cull Ty calls it "the goofy thing." haha.

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