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Sunday, October 14, 2012

country singer superstar...

I love, love, love my little Boy....he is full of life and has the sweetest and kindest personality (but don't kid yourself..he definitely has his terrible 2 moments..haha)..
Ty loves EVERYTHING...and gets sooo excited about anything...but if there is one thing that hasn't phased out or forgotten about... it's his love for music! HE loves to sing and dance....he has 3, maybe 4 guitars and he plays them ALL THE TIME! he taps his foot, has the funniest facial expression when he really rocks out and sings along to every song. He memorizes lots of songs and jams out! One song in particular that he loves is Blake Sheltons, "God Gave me you." He calls it the "upside down" song..haha..but he sings along with that. I listened to that song when it first came out...I was pregnant with Hanna and we were living with my parents...and I loved that song (still do) but I wore it out on my iTunes...hence, Ty's love for it as he wares it out on my iTunes. It's pretty cute! SO, I thought this little photo op would be perfect for him.  I finally found him a cowboy hat that fit him last week and he wears it quite often...along with the boots..
Love my little Cowboy! :)

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