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Monday, September 24, 2012

"These Boots Were Made for Walkin"

Ty got a new pair of cowboy boots..Actually, they were cousin Brady's...yay for "hand me downs"...anyways, He loves them and will not take them off.. he wears them allday, everyday..pretty much. He cracks us up. We have sported them with several different outfits. I am not sure what he likes most about them...that they are cowboy boots or the fact they make a loud voice when walking..he loves it. haha. He even wants to nap in them, plays football in them, rides his bike..etc...they are on ALL THE TIME. However, when he went and saw his GF, Hallie, last night (begged) we walked halfway there and he decided he needed to go home and change his Sperry' must have been wanting to look GQ for her (or Blake)!! lol. funny boy.
 He sometimes puts them on the correct feet..but primarily they are on the wrong foot..and i'll look down and notice the toes are going the wrong direction..haha..but, it's a good try, right? ha.  
It's so great to see him enjoying them but when we got them he asked for a cowboy hat...guess, i'll put that on his christmas list. :)
He's so funny and he makes everyone laugh..such a sweet little boy!

While Ty's newest obsession are his boots..Hanna has throughly enjoyed being pushed in the car...she loves it. It's so funny...she gets to rocking, like she's saying, "let's go." she really gets into, race car driver character! she's a mess...but a super sweet one!

and, although the video says it's not working...this is a video of our little Hanna walking..yes, she has begun to take off....she doesn't go long distances solo..she prefers to hold a finger..but she cruises around rooms by herself...hard to believe!

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