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Saturday, September 15, 2012

sick and find..

Last night Ty came and crawled into our bed...yes, it's still a nightly routine...however; this time he came early...around 10ish..and yes, we are typically in bed by 10..we live an exciting life! :)
Anyways, about 1:00 or so (time gets away from me in the middle of the night)..Ty woke up saying, "mommy, i don't feel good." followed by the dreaded sound of puke! my poor little boy was throwing up all over our bed, himself, myself and made a trail to our bathroom! Before we jumped to the conclusion of the awful "stomach bug" we went with the fact that he said he felt better...we cleaned up everything and went back to bed. A little while later it happened again...and again, and again. After changing a top sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillows, jammies...we definitely decided our sweet little boy had the terrible stomach bug! BBOOOOO!!! Travis actually had to work today (saturday) so after being woken up several times by Ty's "Sickness" he went to Ty's bed to sleep. You might ask, "why not the guest bedroom that hadn't been infected." and to that I say, " great question." haha...silly husband! 
However, through this sickly day..I have found out that some of my Pinterest pins actually work and I thought I would share..b/c I think they are THAT GREAT!! 

But, before I list my wonderful Home is a Pro vs Con list of my little boy being sick..
he's sick...
lots of cleaning and laundry done b/c of it..
he's sick...
my babies love each other..and keeping them from not kissing and hugging each other all day was challenging..
he's sick
we miss an opportunity to see friends and hangout while watching the Tech Game

We take advantage of him being sick and cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons all morning (granted there were a few runs to the bathroom..but hey, I still got lots of cuddle time).
not that Ty doesn't always love to cuddle..b/c he does...but, when he's sick..he isn't off my lap in a few minutes doing other stuff..he stays put when he's sick! :) 
Love my little boy so much, and like any parent, you hate when your babies are sick..especially the stomach bug when there isn't anything you can do but just love them (and pray you don't get it too!) haha. 

He took a 3 hour nap...poor baby...but, a great mommy/Hanna time! :)

Through this I learned....
1)Ty probably won't be the best dr...when I asked what he thought would make his tummy feel better he said, "an M&M and Cookies." haha...nice try buddy..but, even though you are sick and some rules slip...m&m's and cookies are not entering your belly at 8:00am! haha
2) my pinterest pin actually worked!! Very impressive actually!

So, I have bored you's my AWESOME pinterest find....

It's a stain fighter/ gets out all kinds of stains..including throw up on a mattress! :)

ingredients: 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda...
after it dries..stains are gone!! :)
It works great..
I used it awhile ago on some lovely food stains on the floorboard in the backseat of my got some stains out other stain fighter's couldn't do..
So, this morning..I used it for our mattress that had throw up and a urine stain (yes, ty has also tee-tee'd in our bed boy choosing our bed to make his messes)...and they both were gone! It also worked great on a rug that was also struck by vomit...again, worked.

It seriously works great! I highly recommend it! 
So, I thought I would share...since the few that actually read this blog are mommies! :)

Also...other pinterest cleaners that I have found that work and that I am a fan...
(I am trying to go chemical-free of cleaners..and be all natural)

floor cleaner..
It does require you to get an old fashion mop but I think it's worth it..although it's not as handy/convenient as the swifter..I like the cleaner better...

2 gallons water (I typically use less)
I tbl. liquid dish soap
1/4-1/2c baking soda or washing soda (i've used both)
1/4-1/2c vinegar..

Love it and works great.

home fragrance:
-vanilla extract in the coffee mug...
put in 325 degree oven for 30min. 
I've done this a few times and since I love the smell of vanilla I like it..but, it doesn't last long!

-place orange peels and cinnamon in boiling water..
I also like this one...but, the vanilla extract one is actually more potent I think! 

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pinterest finds that actually work..b/c I have done some that don't!
If you ever need a stain remover or a way to make your home smell great fast...I'd recommend these! :)

fantastic dessert...PB, reeses cups, vanilla pudding, cool whip, brownie bits!!! DELISH!

Until then...pray my little "rockstar" gets to feeling better!

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  1. Lindsey, my little Parker did this exact thing but on Thursday night. All over me, herself, our bed..yuck! Hope he is feeling much better today!