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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Niece..

We drove to Katy a week before Ashley's due date 1) so I could help out any way possible...they also just moved into a new house and 2) to see everyone before she delivered and 3)we could be there in case she delivered early because that's what she was thinking... well...we got there late friday night. Saturday we went out to see their new house and Addison's new, purple room and just hang out with the family...later that evening we had a wedding to attend. Ashley decided to stay home and she and Brian watch Ty and Hanna...because, for all of you momma's out know at 38-39 weeks how you feel..miserable and nothing fits...haha. We all waited for a phone call but...nothing.
Sunday, we just hung out again...but...nothing...travis flew back to midland that day. 
Monday came which was the day she was thinking she would was also their 1st year wedding anniversary. So, she and I went and got our nails done trying to help Addison come...she and brian had their 1st anny dinner....and we woke up tuesday with no call. 
Tuesday, we met Jennifer and her 2 boys at the children's museum in houston...awesome much fun! ashley had her dr appt..and she was a 3cm and 80%...we met them for lunch afterwards and she was doing good.... later that afternoon we had another playmate with Jack and much fun..they are such cute little boys (can't wait to have the best playdate ever with them at DisneyWorld in december)..that night we waited all night for a phone call..but nothing.
Wednesday, we met all the cousins and aunt and uncles for a much fun. Ash was going to come but didn't sleep well the night before so decided to stay home and rest...we all thought it was coming soon. But, our playdate came and went with no phone call from Ash...after the naps and before dinner time I decided to run and get Ty a haircut...he needed one badly and we actually had time that night...and I wanted to get it done before Addison came and we were all over the, Ash went with me and Ty to get his haircut...that was about 5ish...well, she started having some little, braxton hicks contractions...after we got back she was still having them..a little later she went home and kept having stronger contractions...although they weren't regular. A few hours later she called me to ask what she should do..they were about 10-12 minutes apart. The nurse in me told her to wait until they got closer...about 5 minutes...In my mind it's better to wait at home than it is to wait in a hospital. so she awhile longer and then called her dr and said it would be ok to go to the hospital...since they live about 30-45 minutes from the hospital. When she called to say they were heading up there a little after 8...sweet Trae Roby went and jumped in the shower and put on a pink shirt...he was ready! haha.
Ash called me on the way out there and asked what her parents plan wait until they got checked in or head out there now...well, of course, they were going to go out there even though they knew it could be an all-nighter. Well, Ash got checked in and was still a they made her walk the halls and try to get it going and told her it would probably be about 6 or 7am before her baby was born.  Trae and Amy were already there but I had to stay since both my babies were sleeping. Trae was great to update me on between wondering about Ashley and the text messages..I didn't sleep! This information could be a little incorrect as it all started running together..haha...but, essentially, she had a hard time reaching the 4cm...when they would start her Pit and break water, know all that stuff. I think around 2am she reached a 4, gave epidural, broke water (they just poked a finger and it broke her water) and at 3am she was a full 10cm! WOW.. shortly after she began pushing and i think in 2 pushes..maybe 20 minutes..Addison Kate was born at 4:03am...7 lbs 13 oz and I think 20.5" long. just perfect. Since she just slide out of the birth canal..she swallowed some they did end up taking her to the NICU for 6 hours of observation...but she was great and was released! Addison was so thoughtful and considerate..she allowed her mommy and daddy to celebrate their anniversary without being in the hospital...let her aunt lindsey and cousins ty and hanna see and play with all the family and friends in houston, let mommy get her nails done in pink and purple and let cousin ty get a haircut and came early enough for us to see her before we had to leave...she couldn't have come at a better time! :) Thanks Addison!
Ash did great and Addison is a Beautiful baby girl. They ended up going home on saturday...which was great since we stayed until monday...we got to see her in her new house for a couple of days...where she is doing great and mommy and daddy are adjusting well to a new bundle!  :)

Meet my new niece, Addison Kate..

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