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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Gymnast...

The Olympics brought out the gymnast in Ty so, I signed him up for gymnastics...or as Travis calls it.."athletics" haha. He has been going for almost a month now and he loves it. It's more like tumbling and trampoline so it's right up his alley. Hanna is dying to go as well but the Mommy and Me class doesn't begin until babies are starting in January, Hanna will get to participate (with her BFF Hallie)...If I have the energy...we see our friends do the mommy and me class and it seems like it's more of a work out for the moms than it is the 1 year olds...haha.

In Ty's class (3-5 year olds) they work on jumping, back hand "rolls," cart-wheels, jumping down the trampoline and swinging from ropes into the foam pit, go though tunnels..etc... They are all so cute and each one of them pay attention very well, especially since there is so much other stuff going on around them! One of Ty's favorite part about gymnastics is the "carpet" square. Each kid carries around their own carpet square where they sit until it's their turn...haha. It's actually a great idea and Ty has taken to it very well. haha.

Here's a glimpse of our little "athlete"

Ty's favorite new song.."shake your bean bag"...the warm up song

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