Rollin' with the Roby's

Saturday, September 29, 2012

11 months....

Can't believe Hanna is 11 months..I hope this month crawls by..I'm not sure I am ready for her to be 1 year yet! :( 
Little Hanna is just that..petite. She weighs 19.5 lbs! How do I know that..well, we just visited the Dr. b/c sweet baby girl has a double ear! and it's been pretty hard on her this go round...not feeling too good. Plus, she is getting more teeth to add to her 4...and the antibiotic causes her to have a terrible diaper rash that calls for prescription diaper cream..bless her's been tough..but she's been her happy self..for the most part! 
Here's what 11 months looks:
She Stands EVERYWHERE...doesn't matter where..

(fake smile..thanks anyways, Hanna)!

But her favorite thing to do is CLIMB..In fact, she would rather climb on all the toys than play with them...the hearth is her newest favorite spot..
She thinks anything that is in a higher spot is meant to be her stepped on to get her higher...I guess that's  a short thing..b/c my little girl is just a petite thing..haha.

she knows she isn't allowed up there, so, as you can see in the picture, she looks back and then will shake her head in the "no." haha.

And..she is taking off walking. She thinks it's hilarious and laughs every time..she is so proud of herself. 

and at 11 months..on the dot..she had her first little "fit." was hungry, ears hurt, teeth hurt and was just done taking pictures! haha. 

She is the sweetest little girl and loves to give hugs and kisses...loves to socialize and see her friends. Peek a boo never gets old...or "If you are Happy and You Know It."
she growls....haha..Not sure if she has heard Ty "growl" all the time bc we are often Dinosaurs and thinks that is normal...but for whatever reason..she does it! lol.
She crawls up you ad then puts her head on your sweet! and loves to cuddle!
loves to play hide and seek with Ty...and has a new found love for Mac and Cheese!
She is just our precious baby girl! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

"These Boots Were Made for Walkin"

Ty got a new pair of cowboy boots..Actually, they were cousin Brady's...yay for "hand me downs"...anyways, He loves them and will not take them off.. he wears them allday, everyday..pretty much. He cracks us up. We have sported them with several different outfits. I am not sure what he likes most about them...that they are cowboy boots or the fact they make a loud voice when walking..he loves it. haha. He even wants to nap in them, plays football in them, rides his bike..etc...they are on ALL THE TIME. However, when he went and saw his GF, Hallie, last night (begged) we walked halfway there and he decided he needed to go home and change his Sperry' must have been wanting to look GQ for her (or Blake)!! lol. funny boy.
 He sometimes puts them on the correct feet..but primarily they are on the wrong foot..and i'll look down and notice the toes are going the wrong direction..haha..but, it's a good try, right? ha.  
It's so great to see him enjoying them but when we got them he asked for a cowboy hat...guess, i'll put that on his christmas list. :)
He's so funny and he makes everyone laugh..such a sweet little boy!

While Ty's newest obsession are his boots..Hanna has throughly enjoyed being pushed in the car...she loves it. It's so funny...she gets to rocking, like she's saying, "let's go." she really gets into, race car driver character! she's a mess...but a super sweet one!

and, although the video says it's not working...this is a video of our little Hanna walking..yes, she has begun to take off....she doesn't go long distances solo..she prefers to hold a finger..but she cruises around rooms by herself...hard to believe!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Gymnast...

The Olympics brought out the gymnast in Ty so, I signed him up for gymnastics...or as Travis calls it.."athletics" haha. He has been going for almost a month now and he loves it. It's more like tumbling and trampoline so it's right up his alley. Hanna is dying to go as well but the Mommy and Me class doesn't begin until babies are starting in January, Hanna will get to participate (with her BFF Hallie)...If I have the energy...we see our friends do the mommy and me class and it seems like it's more of a work out for the moms than it is the 1 year olds...haha.

In Ty's class (3-5 year olds) they work on jumping, back hand "rolls," cart-wheels, jumping down the trampoline and swinging from ropes into the foam pit, go though tunnels..etc... They are all so cute and each one of them pay attention very well, especially since there is so much other stuff going on around them! One of Ty's favorite part about gymnastics is the "carpet" square. Each kid carries around their own carpet square where they sit until it's their turn...haha. It's actually a great idea and Ty has taken to it very well. haha.

Here's a glimpse of our little "athlete"

Ty's favorite new song.."shake your bean bag"...the warm up song

Saturday, September 15, 2012

sick and find..

Last night Ty came and crawled into our bed...yes, it's still a nightly routine...however; this time he came early...around 10ish..and yes, we are typically in bed by 10..we live an exciting life! :)
Anyways, about 1:00 or so (time gets away from me in the middle of the night)..Ty woke up saying, "mommy, i don't feel good." followed by the dreaded sound of puke! my poor little boy was throwing up all over our bed, himself, myself and made a trail to our bathroom! Before we jumped to the conclusion of the awful "stomach bug" we went with the fact that he said he felt better...we cleaned up everything and went back to bed. A little while later it happened again...and again, and again. After changing a top sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillows, jammies...we definitely decided our sweet little boy had the terrible stomach bug! BBOOOOO!!! Travis actually had to work today (saturday) so after being woken up several times by Ty's "Sickness" he went to Ty's bed to sleep. You might ask, "why not the guest bedroom that hadn't been infected." and to that I say, " great question." haha...silly husband! 
However, through this sickly day..I have found out that some of my Pinterest pins actually work and I thought I would share..b/c I think they are THAT GREAT!! 

But, before I list my wonderful Home is a Pro vs Con list of my little boy being sick..
he's sick...
lots of cleaning and laundry done b/c of it..
he's sick...
my babies love each other..and keeping them from not kissing and hugging each other all day was challenging..
he's sick
we miss an opportunity to see friends and hangout while watching the Tech Game

We take advantage of him being sick and cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons all morning (granted there were a few runs to the bathroom..but hey, I still got lots of cuddle time).
not that Ty doesn't always love to cuddle..b/c he does...but, when he's sick..he isn't off my lap in a few minutes doing other stuff..he stays put when he's sick! :) 
Love my little boy so much, and like any parent, you hate when your babies are sick..especially the stomach bug when there isn't anything you can do but just love them (and pray you don't get it too!) haha. 

He took a 3 hour nap...poor baby...but, a great mommy/Hanna time! :)

Through this I learned....
1)Ty probably won't be the best dr...when I asked what he thought would make his tummy feel better he said, "an M&M and Cookies." haha...nice try buddy..but, even though you are sick and some rules slip...m&m's and cookies are not entering your belly at 8:00am! haha
2) my pinterest pin actually worked!! Very impressive actually!

So, I have bored you's my AWESOME pinterest find....

It's a stain fighter/ gets out all kinds of stains..including throw up on a mattress! :)

ingredients: 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda...
after it dries..stains are gone!! :)
It works great..
I used it awhile ago on some lovely food stains on the floorboard in the backseat of my got some stains out other stain fighter's couldn't do..
So, this morning..I used it for our mattress that had throw up and a urine stain (yes, ty has also tee-tee'd in our bed boy choosing our bed to make his messes)...and they both were gone! It also worked great on a rug that was also struck by vomit...again, worked.

It seriously works great! I highly recommend it! 
So, I thought I would share...since the few that actually read this blog are mommies! :)

Also...other pinterest cleaners that I have found that work and that I am a fan...
(I am trying to go chemical-free of cleaners..and be all natural)

floor cleaner..
It does require you to get an old fashion mop but I think it's worth it..although it's not as handy/convenient as the swifter..I like the cleaner better...

2 gallons water (I typically use less)
I tbl. liquid dish soap
1/4-1/2c baking soda or washing soda (i've used both)
1/4-1/2c vinegar..

Love it and works great.

home fragrance:
-vanilla extract in the coffee mug...
put in 325 degree oven for 30min. 
I've done this a few times and since I love the smell of vanilla I like it..but, it doesn't last long!

-place orange peels and cinnamon in boiling water..
I also like this one...but, the vanilla extract one is actually more potent I think! 

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pinterest finds that actually work..b/c I have done some that don't!
If you ever need a stain remover or a way to make your home smell great fast...I'd recommend these! :)

fantastic dessert...PB, reeses cups, vanilla pudding, cool whip, brownie bits!!! DELISH!

Until then...pray my little "rockstar" gets to feeling better!

Monday, September 10, 2012

relaxing weekend

This past weekend we had exactly what we needed...a relaxing one! It was great! We woke up to pancakes on saturday, followed by game day on the patio..yes, with sweat shirts on..It was cold! yay, for cooler weather. We got a few things done around the house before it was time for afternoon college this time of year. 
Sunday, after church and naps we went to take Ty was absolutely gorgeous here..and while fishing for perch found there were bass in the we went back to the house to get a different fishing pole..and on Travis' first cast..caught a good size (2-3lb) bass. Very exciting.haha! 
It was just what we needed..great family time, with great weather and good football. :)

Hanna and Ty ready to cheer on the Red Raiders...

Since the game was only on the internet...this was travis' set up for the game. He finished it in bed with the laptop..I feel asleep at halftime..I was pooped! I think all the traveling caught up to me! 

Sunday afternoon fishing...
 Travis' bass..

We went to the park this morning...

And more pics of my sweet babies..

Hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as we did! LOVE my family and LOVE Fall!! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Niece..

We drove to Katy a week before Ashley's due date 1) so I could help out any way possible...they also just moved into a new house and 2) to see everyone before she delivered and 3)we could be there in case she delivered early because that's what she was thinking... well...we got there late friday night. Saturday we went out to see their new house and Addison's new, purple room and just hang out with the family...later that evening we had a wedding to attend. Ashley decided to stay home and she and Brian watch Ty and Hanna...because, for all of you momma's out know at 38-39 weeks how you feel..miserable and nothing fits...haha. We all waited for a phone call but...nothing.
Sunday, we just hung out again...but...nothing...travis flew back to midland that day. 
Monday came which was the day she was thinking she would was also their 1st year wedding anniversary. So, she and I went and got our nails done trying to help Addison come...she and brian had their 1st anny dinner....and we woke up tuesday with no call. 
Tuesday, we met Jennifer and her 2 boys at the children's museum in houston...awesome much fun! ashley had her dr appt..and she was a 3cm and 80%...we met them for lunch afterwards and she was doing good.... later that afternoon we had another playmate with Jack and much fun..they are such cute little boys (can't wait to have the best playdate ever with them at DisneyWorld in december)..that night we waited all night for a phone call..but nothing.
Wednesday, we met all the cousins and aunt and uncles for a much fun. Ash was going to come but didn't sleep well the night before so decided to stay home and rest...we all thought it was coming soon. But, our playdate came and went with no phone call from Ash...after the naps and before dinner time I decided to run and get Ty a haircut...he needed one badly and we actually had time that night...and I wanted to get it done before Addison came and we were all over the, Ash went with me and Ty to get his haircut...that was about 5ish...well, she started having some little, braxton hicks contractions...after we got back she was still having them..a little later she went home and kept having stronger contractions...although they weren't regular. A few hours later she called me to ask what she should do..they were about 10-12 minutes apart. The nurse in me told her to wait until they got closer...about 5 minutes...In my mind it's better to wait at home than it is to wait in a hospital. so she awhile longer and then called her dr and said it would be ok to go to the hospital...since they live about 30-45 minutes from the hospital. When she called to say they were heading up there a little after 8...sweet Trae Roby went and jumped in the shower and put on a pink shirt...he was ready! haha.
Ash called me on the way out there and asked what her parents plan wait until they got checked in or head out there now...well, of course, they were going to go out there even though they knew it could be an all-nighter. Well, Ash got checked in and was still a they made her walk the halls and try to get it going and told her it would probably be about 6 or 7am before her baby was born.  Trae and Amy were already there but I had to stay since both my babies were sleeping. Trae was great to update me on between wondering about Ashley and the text messages..I didn't sleep! This information could be a little incorrect as it all started running together..haha...but, essentially, she had a hard time reaching the 4cm...when they would start her Pit and break water, know all that stuff. I think around 2am she reached a 4, gave epidural, broke water (they just poked a finger and it broke her water) and at 3am she was a full 10cm! WOW.. shortly after she began pushing and i think in 2 pushes..maybe 20 minutes..Addison Kate was born at 4:03am...7 lbs 13 oz and I think 20.5" long. just perfect. Since she just slide out of the birth canal..she swallowed some they did end up taking her to the NICU for 6 hours of observation...but she was great and was released! Addison was so thoughtful and considerate..she allowed her mommy and daddy to celebrate their anniversary without being in the hospital...let her aunt lindsey and cousins ty and hanna see and play with all the family and friends in houston, let mommy get her nails done in pink and purple and let cousin ty get a haircut and came early enough for us to see her before we had to leave...she couldn't have come at a better time! :) Thanks Addison!
Ash did great and Addison is a Beautiful baby girl. They ended up going home on saturday...which was great since we stayed until monday...we got to see her in her new house for a couple of days...where she is doing great and mommy and daddy are adjusting well to a new bundle!  :)

Meet my new niece, Addison Kate..